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Who We Are

Rawdah is here to assist Islamic Centers In managing, organizing, and prioritizing Various activities which improve the functionality of your Islamic Center.

Our aim is to become the leading digital masjid management solution provider to Islamic Centers and nonprofit organizations all around the world. We provide Islamic Centers new all-in-one app which gives Islamic Center Admins complete administrative control. It allows them to perform all the tasks better, faster and without any chance of error. Therefore, we make it easy for Islamic Center Admins to manage their activities and organize different events with ease.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Building interactive mobile applications



Developing new desktop apps

Smart Watch

Smart Watch

Known for making the best Smart Watch apps

Admin Panel

Admin Panel

Creating top-quality Websites

Smart TV

Smart TV

Designing the finest Smart TV apps

Why Choose Rawdah Digital Masjid Management Solution?

Choosing Rawdah for your Islamic Center is the best decision and here’s why

Expert Team

Excellent digital team which is greatly equipped to provide you the best digital services for your Islamic Center

Quality Service

With experience and an effective strategy, we make sure that we provide quality service to all our clients and our track record shows that we have.

Quick Results

Get quick results for your Islamic Center through our designed websites and apps.

24/7 Help/Support

Always available to help you or to clear any query which you might have regarding anything.

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