The COVID-19 crisis has given rise to a drastic shift in many business industries, for most industries this is bad news but for the digital marketing industry, this has caused new doors to open. Which means more and more businesses now see the importance of maintaining an online presence and how online marketing can affect the rise or fall of their business during these dire times. Digital marketing can be seen as the future of marketing now more than ever.


A lot of people are now wondering whether the coronavirus pandemic will bring about a huge transformational effect on lifestyles, social attitudes, and how people shop and work. And the answer is yes, this is actually turning out to be very true. With everything in lockdown, even Islamic Centers, people are looking towards the internet, especially Google Search for different ways to connect spiritually, whether it be through Religious Lectures or just to find answers to various religious questions.

Therefore, many industries are now using the internet as a means of connection to their workers and customers, so things can run as smoothly as before and their industry doesn’t experience serious losses.


Build a Connection with the Muslim Community

So why can’t this be done for Islamic Centers? By digitalizing your Islamic center  you allow the Muslim Community to connect with you, even in these times of crisis by giving them the hope they need and giving them the message of patience and strengthening their belief in Allah. 

A digital presence doesn’t only benefit the Muslim Community, it also gives the Muslim Community a means of helping your Islamic Center by donating, so your Masjid is able to run as smoothly as it has before or if you want to contribute by helping the society to open up an online fundraiser dedicated to COVID-19 Relief for families who cannot afford food and shelter with the rise in cases of COVID-19 during this time.

A Strong Online Presence is Important

Online Marketing is no issue with the internet offering free platforms that Rawdah’s Digital Marketing can help you manage. This is the perfect time to start up your Facebook and Instagram page if you don’t already have one. These are some of the platforms that can help you spread the message of Islam to thousands, if not millions of people. 

Although, an important key point to note here is that consistency is important, you need to keep uploading quality content to your pages to keep the interest of people. This helps people know that they can count on you to provide them with their daily dose of spirituality! 

Social Media Marketing helps form that unbreakable bond with your Muslim brothers and sisters, that can stay alive even through out this pandemic. People are more likely to visit your Islamic Center when they have built a stable trust in you through the best content marketing services.

Rawdah gives you access to blogs, articles, and guides on marketing which helps your Islamic Center navigate and find a way to thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic. No Muslim will be deprived of religious knowledge and freedom once all Islamic Centers use Rawdah’s Digital Solution Services to Digitalize and build a strong online presence.

Build an Engaged Audience through Social Media Marketing

If someone likes and follows your social media page, this is equal to them giving you the ability to connect with them more intimately because they want to hear about what you have to offer through Social Media Marketing. Building an engaged audience is a way to build loyalty.

Give your loyal Muslim brothers and sisters the information that benefits them and can help them in their daily lives. Don’t only contact them with promotional content. You can inform them about how your website and mobile app provides free access to unlimited Islamic Information which can greatly benefit them.

You can also inform them of all the activities they can perform to make their free time during COVID-19 more productive, also giving them the chance to bond with their family through these activities or giving them the chance to bond with the Quran and Sunnah through Islamic activities.

Allow Rawdah to Handle it All!

Rawdah provides the best digital marketing services for your Islamic Center, we help you build a strong online presence that is both interactive and informative for the Muslim Community. By giving them the chance to interact with your Islamic center through ‘Ask an Imam Service’ and services like easy access to lectures from scholars on your website and mobile app. As well as with the help of many more additional services we help the Muslims Community and focus on your Islamic Center to grow and thrive!