Rawdah helps you raise awareness online about all the services you offer.

By letting people know all about your brand through our applications and promotions we make sure you are recognized in your Nonprofit niche. We help you maintain the smooth running of all your services by creating a customized services section, where you can add all the services you are providing to your community. This allows people in your niche to get a completely positive outlook of your cause and helps community members to understand what you and your establishment stands for.


Rawdah helps you in organizing, managing, and executing events digitally.

We help you by managing all the events in an organized fashion. All your events have a clear objective and message behind them, we help you in portraying that objective in front of your community.

You can add events in your very own event calendar making management of all the things required such as promotions, information, and marketing a lot more simple. We help people of your community know about all the events you organize through the apps and websites we have perfected to present a positive brand image for your Nonprofit. You can add and remove events through a single admin panel and notify people of your community with its help.


Rawdah helps you with all your membership queries.

We help you with online membership registration forms, referrals, and drive people to become a member of your organization. We want what is best for you, so we filter out the best, only for you. We help you in adding and editing all member details. Which will be easily accessible from your Admin panel. We help you notify them about your upcoming events or fundraisers and invite them to take part in it.


Donations are immensely important for the success of your Nonprofit and your cause.

You need donations to organize events, help the community, and create a positive impact. You also need donations to carry out all the social services which are required in your community. Rawdah helps you in collecting your donations in a purely transparent way which is all visible for your easy viewing. We help you to provide a platform to your community members where they can easily donate online for causes they care for. This way by simply filling in an easy donation form, your community and you can work in a harmonized way providing brighter futures and stronger hope for people who need it.


Rawdah provides you with automated time settings that help you maintain a perfect schedule.

Be it for your classes, events, or any other activity. With Rawdah your community can be updated about all important events and updates in a timely manner. We keep your community updated with all the latest activities you conduct according to your Nonprofit’s time zone./span>


Rawdah is the finest digital service provider that keeps all your members notified at all times.

By providing updates regarding every important event your Nonprofit hosts. We update your members about your upcoming events so they never miss them. Updating them about fundraising activities and several other important activities is no big deal with our notification feature.

Live Streaming

Now your community can be part of every journey you take.

Rawdah provides you with a live streaming feature that helps you to go live and share any information, event, or special activity occurring at your Nonprofit organization. Through special announcements and live streaming, your community members are able to get in the moment with you and easily understand the message you give out. You can also record these live streaming sessions so that those who have missed it can view it later.


Generating revenue for your Nonprofit is important.

And the best way to generate maximum revenue is by promoting other businesses on your very own Nonprofit Smart App. This way you’re not only helping out and creating a brighter future for other businesses you value, but you are also creating a brighter future for your Nonprofit.


Help people find your Nonprofit’s location anywhere at any time.

Rawdah provides you with a location feature that helps your community members or people who are trying to reach you know your exact location without any hassle. We provide a location feature that is accurate and gives out easy directions. With just a few taps your location is an online beacon for those who want to change the world for the better, no matter where they are.


Volunteers are workers with a heart, ready to provide support when needed. They are the lifeblood of your Nonprofit organization.

Rawdah has the finest volunteer list management feature, which helps you by maintaining an organized volunteer list. This list contains details about the volunteers and the activities they have taken part in. It stores complete information and data about all the volunteers who have worked with you as well as all their relevant experiences. By just filling out a simple form all volunteer details are preserved within a proper database for you to view later at any time.

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Rawdah is here to assist Non-profit and charitable organizations in managing, organizing, and prioritizing various activities which improve the functionality of their organization.



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