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Two buildings of Mohamed Ali Palace damaged in Shubra El-Kheima's bombing, Reeves upcoming visit to Egypt aims to prove Nefertiti burial theory, Interview with Nicholas Reeves: An archaeologist 'on brink' of solving mystery of Queen Nefertiti's burial, Archaeologist says Nefertiti's resting place could be found; Hawass calls study 'speculative', Zamalek coach expects tough clash in Cairo despite Casablanca win, Raja coach blames referee for Zamalek defeat, Spain La Liga results & scorers (6th matchday), African Champions League semifinal results & scorers (1st leg), Italy Serie A results & fixtures (4th matchday).

Ay hold a carpenter’s adze, one of several implements touched to parts of the mummy, coffin, or statue in order to allow the deceased to eat, speak, see, hear, breathe, and otherwise function in the afterlife. Finally, what do we do about Ay, who ruled and came to the throne after Tutankhamun; why can we not find him in the tomb? Most of us do believe that she changed her name and ruled after Akhenaten, but her tomb has never been found.

However, I once rejected a theory of Reeves and proved that he was not right. We then began to look at other unidentified mummies to find the best candidate for the mummy of Nefertiti.

If this is the case, then what can we say about the inscriptions over the heads of Ay and Tutankhamun, and why don’t we see any traces of the name of Nefertiti?

Egypt's untapped opportunities could help offset market uncertainties: Shell..... Senior PLO official Erekat taken to Israeli hospital after COVID-19 condition..... Egypt’s irrigation minister inaugurates 3rd edition of Cairo Water Week, Belarusians march despite police threat to open fire, Sheffield Utd, Fulham draw 1-1 to earn 1st point of season, Brighton sign striker Welbeck on one-year deal, Trump and Biden to court early voters as US campaign gathers steam, Egypt coach El-Badry announces preparatory camp map for Togo clash, Britain's Gove says door not closed on EU deal talks.

Thus, if he says anything about the Valley, we all as Egyptologists have to respect him, and I do respect him as a person, and I also respect his scholarship. Court sentences 3 men to 3 years for assaulting disabled senior citizen in Upper..... Michigan governor disturbed by Trump criticism and 'lock her up' chants, Churchgoers in Dutch 'Bible Belt' defy coronavirus instructions, Melbourne eases lockdown as cases decline. Ensemble, ils furent à l'origine d'une révolution religieuse fondée sur le culte du soleil, ou Aton.

If we look at the scenes on the walls of Tutankhamun’s burial chamber, behind which, according to Reeves, lies Nefertiti’s tomb, we can see that most of the original scenes in the burial chamber survive today.

I am sure he was looking everywhere to see if these walls were solid or if there was something behind them. Apnée du sommeil : Comment mieux dormir ?

Now we come to the scene on the north wall of the tomb, also a part of Reeves’s theory. In images of the north and west walls of the tomb, Reeves focuses on lines and shadows that suggest to him plastered-over doorways leading to hidden rooms. CAIRO - 21 May 2020: Egyptologist Zahi Hawas said that he is currently searching with his team for the tomb of Queen Nefertiti in Luxor and the cemetery of the architect Imhotep in Saqqara. This article was originally published in Al Ahram Weekly, The scene which Reeves claims to house behind it the burial chamber of Nefertiti. Though Akhenaten’s body was moved to KV 55 in the Valley of the Kings later, his original tomb was the royal tomb at Amarna.

Our team undertook to explore this area through excavation, and over the course of the work recorded 5 m of flood deposits above the bedrock of the Valley. Comment choisir le meilleur extracteur de jus ?

The replica tombs, which would be as identical as possible to the originals, would be available for viewing by the public, thus preserving the original tombs, which would be closed.

In 2012 the replica was installed near Carter’s rest house, and it can be visited now.

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