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document.addEventListener('scroll',function(){if(window.scrollY>344)loadFc()}). The name means “work“. Originally a boy’s name, Austin is a shortened form of Augustine, and is also a city in Texas. The Roman goddess of the morning, meaning ‘dawn’ in Latin.

It’s a variation to the name Elanor and Ella. You have some good ones in there! The reason we love fantasy fiction is many of these names ARE unique, so it’s easy to find something uncommon and beautiful. Laken: This quaint and unusual girls name means of the lake. 80+ Unique Girls Names Starting with A. Not only is it the first letter of the alphabet, but there is something appealing and attractive about the letter and its sound. Search baby names. Thaila – Thaila is the Latin form of the Greek name “Thaleia” and “Thallo”. Elora – This beautiful girl name is of English origin, and means “God gives the Laurel; the crown of victory“.

Jaxie – This uncommon name is of English origin, and is a form of the name Jax. It has Hawaiian origins (which didn’t surprise me with the way it sounds!)

From one mom to another – I KNOW you’ll make the right choice. He vetoed that one! Variant of Hadley, a surname meaning ‘heather field’. Liana: Liana is actually a type of vine that is common to the jungles. From the Sanskrit word for ‘wish, desire, hope’. Feminine form of Albus, meaning ‘white’ or ‘bright’ in Latin, or ‘elf’ in Germanic. Avianna – This unique girl name is of English origin, and the meaning is “grace, favor”. Mossie – The meaning and origin of this name are unknown (sorry!). All Show only top names Exclude top names Meaning, origin, theme... Name meaning.

A city in Austria bears the name Adelaide. Greely – Greely was originally used as boy name, and it has English origins.

I can already think of some super cute nicknames that would go well with this name. The meaning of this unique name is “gray meadow“. That name means “temple of grace” and has an unknown origin (so basically that means this name is of unknown origin too!). Amelise – A baby girl name that is of French and German origin. Sailee – This name has origins in Hebrew. Mahlee – We cannot be sure of the meaning of Mahlee, but the origin is Hebrew. How to Build a Maternity Wardrobe on a Budget. For us, ALL of our animals (and one of our daughters) were named after characters in fantasy fiction books. I checked popularity of all the names via How Many of Me and Popular Baby Names tool provided by Social Security Administration. Zinnia – Zinnia is of German and Latin origin AND it’s a flower! Miana – This name may be a variation of the Japanese name “Miyana”. You don’t want something too out there, but you also don’t want your daughter to have the same name as five other girls in her kindergarten class. An English name after the continent, or a Polish diminutive of Joanna. Shortened form of Adelaide, meaning ‘noble’.

Sometimes you can find little gems hidden in vintage girl names, plus you can honor an ancestor this way! Its origins lay in fiction…. Variation on Aubrielle which is an elaboration of Aubrey. Tuesday – There isn’t a specific origin or meaning (other than the obvious) for the name Tuesday. French form of Angela, from the word, ‘angel’. Keliana – This is another name of Hawaiin origin. A modern name meaning song or melody in English (Aria refers to a type of solo in an opera), or a variant of the Persian name, Arya. A combination of Ava and Lynn, or a form of Aveline. fckInited=!1; The meaning of this unique name is “fair radience”. The name is unique and serene sounding. It is a version of the English and French name Sally. 50+ Stunningly Beautiful Classy Names for Girls, How to Pick Baby Girl Names | Girl Mom Chaos. Origin Theme. function loadFc(){

Elowen – This is a modern Cornish name that means “elm tree”. Lenai – A unique girl name that means “porch.

There is no known meaning associated with it.

Cornish is a language that is spoken by less than 1% of the population, but hopefully some of the names from the language don’t get lost because they are very pretty. From the Buddhist term, ‘dwelling’ or ‘abode’, refers to where a person’s karma resides. 150 Baby Girl Names Inspired by Nature.

She is considered to be the mother of the Roman people. Lavinia – In Roman mythology, Lavinia was the daughter of King Latinus. Neavia – A lovely unique girl name that has origins in Old French and Hebrew. We think this is a VERY pretty girl name. A rando on the internet claims this name means “strife warrior”, but we don’t know that for sure. The meaning is not known for sure, but it’s believed to mean “to heal”.

Emryn – Emryn does not have a known meaning or origin. These are my favorite unique girl names that start with A. I hope this makes your journey to choosing your baby’s name a little easier! 80+ Unique Girls Names Starting with A. Milaya – The origin of this unique girl name is not known, and the meaning is assumed to be “brave, powerful”. They caused men to shipwreck out at sea.

It’s most commonly used in Brazil as a surname. Related Posts: 100 Adorable Classic Girls Names. Elladine – This uncommon girl name is a Greek and Old German name that means “sun ray; other, foreign“. Jayla – What a beautiful unique girl name! It’s definitely uncommon – and there isn’t a for sure meaning associated with it.

Variant of Aubrey, originally a masculine name, but became popular for girls after the 1970’s song by Bread. Ayla is the main character in ‘Clan of the Cave Bears’.
Scottish variant of Annabel, meaning ‘invokable’. Check out this list of 80 lovely and unique girl names that start with A! The origin is unknown. My little lady is Adelyn (We call her Addie)! Maleah – Malea is the Americanized version fo the Hawaiian name Mary.

While they aren’t as common, these names feel familiar and work well with their popular peers. A less common name that is just as pretty will stand out much more, and reduce the confusion of having several others in school with the same name. An English name for the tree of the same name. #beenthere. Anglicized form of Aisling, meaning ‘dream, vision’ in Irish Gaelic. Anglicization of the Irish Aoibheann, meaning ‘beautiful sheen in Gaelic. Averly – A name that has an English origin, and an unknown meaning. There’s just a couple of things you want to remember when choosing a unique girl name. I wish this list was around when I was having babies! Feminine form of Albert, meaning ‘noble’ and ‘bright’. Brynn – This unique girl name is of Welsh origin.

It is a derivative of the English, Cherokee, Latin, and German name Tiana. Meaning a distinctive atmosphere or illumination, Feminine form of Aurelius, from the Latin for ‘golden, gilded’.

This post contains affiliate links. Keala – This girl name has origins in Hawaii, and it means “the path”. and means “the heavens, sky, royal, majesty”. Variant of Arya, and Indo-Iranian name meaning ‘noble’. meaning noble and kind. In Latin it means “verity“, in Russian it means “faith“.

Vanya – This pretty name is derived from Hebrew and means “God is gracious”. Brecklyn – This unique girl name doesn’t have a origin or meaning that we know for sure, but it’s believed to be of Anglo-Saxon origin and meaning “beacon“. 150 Baby Girl Names Inspired by Nature . French/Dutch version of Angelica, meaning ‘angelic’ or from the Greek for ‘messenger’. … The meaning of this uncommon girl name is “Zinn’s flower”.

Kamdyn – This is another spelling of the name Camden, and I think this spelling is more fitting for a little baby girl. 30 Best Pregnancy Books For To-Be Moms And Dads . Maudie – The meaning and origin of this pretty unique girl name are unknown.

Check out Stacey’s Milkology course. Shacy – The meaning and origin of this name is unknown. According to Tolkien, her name means “forest maiden” and since he made up the name, he gets to decide its meaning! The meaning of this name is “evil spirit”. 55. In Middle English, this short name means fairy. Best of luck!

There are some users on the internet who claim that this unique girl name means “brave leader” and is of English origin, but we don’t know that for sure.

56. Constance – A name that derives from Latin. Anyway – here are some of our favorite unique girl names in alphabetical order! Either way, here are a couple of do’s and don’ts. Kayton – The meaning and origin of this unique girl name is unknown.

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