the giant claw remake

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Brain what are you doing, this movie BLLLRRRGHGH. I’m not ashamed to admit (perhaps I should be) that to this day I still know the Fraggle Rock theme song by heart. ( Log Out /  All images, videos, and descriptions are used in accordance with the, Original Content © 2005-2020 Derek Miller. It’s great when he talks about “radah” being used to locate bombers, rain clouds, and… homing pigeons. In Gojira they admit that they don’t have any definite answers, and are basing their presentation on what little information they do have. I get what they’re going for, I get the sentiment behind it, but I don’t get why they hired Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer to write it. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account.

The pilot is knocked out almost instantly, and he starts bleeding from… the turbulence that gently jostled him into unconsciousness? Naturally there aren’t any Thanksgiving-themed giant monster movies out of Japan, so I had to get a little more creative. I love the holidays, so I challenged myself to do it again for Thanksgiving. Some movies can do this well, Gojira being possibly the best example. I can hear your booing through the internet, please stop.

Stock footage permeates the entire production, starting with the bizarre montage and narration that opens the film. Or at least wanted to. With Bruce Munson, Adrienne Atkins, Bryan Patrick McCulley, Brian Gross. Here is a link to another film I did showing a famous Flying Monster. The beast destroys the (again featureless) plane, with the brave pilots parachuting just in time. ( Log Out /  The Claw swoops down for the remaining teens and carries them up into the sky, hot-rod and all. They keep their lights off to avoid attracting the Giant Claw, but the shitty youths drunk driving in a hot-rod behind them don’t give a hoot! Neat huh? I didn’t care how stupid it looked but I am doing a stop motion film called Godzilla vs the Giant Claw. It’s hokey, but it moves the story forward, and it doesn’t recap things we’ve already seen. It should be a creature of death and something that just by looking at causes pure terror. They even make a little crunch noise when the Claw chomps down on them! I think somebody could definitely retool GC into a full-on cosmic horror, but at that point you’d probably have a whole new beast… which wouldn’t be a bad thing either!

SWAT does everything competently, takes no chances, never falls flat on its face, and I think I fell asleep during it. Really, the presence of a narrator at all is a bad sign. This remake of King Kong is a little weird. More from. They track down The Giant Claw’s nest, complete with gigantic chicken eggs. MacAfee rushes up front to help the pilot, and the pilot’s acting is so amazingly bad that it forced me to realize the actors playing MacAfee and Sally are doing a pretty bang-up job. No joke! The Giant Claw is shown as being a predatory animal, so that beak just seems really out of place in my point of view - it's like a Curlew's beak, and while granted that bird eats worms and bugs, it just seems odd to me for a giant movie monster. And it looks like whoever made this fan-art takes the movie pretty seriously too. The hero follows the echoing sound of a baby crying in an abandoned hospital, finally finding a single, covered crib. When MacAfee first spots the monster, it looks like a tumbleweave scooting across the sky. Of course all of this culminated in my discovery of Mystery Science Theater 3000, where the antics of Crow, Tom Servo, and Gypsy only strengthened my love of puppets and ultimately sparked my interest in bad movies. Too much wine and cheese? This is also my first time ever seeing blue army men. People are saying “Is the claw going to have his anti matter shield?” Yes but he turns it off when he wants to fight or eat. We’ll talk about how the movie drove its star to booze, its unflattering peek at the state of gender equality in the 50s, that hilariously unfortunate looking monster, and a whole lot more! He points to a pile of wrecked equipment, so apparently trying to take readings on the feather blew up their instruments? It took me a minute to figure that out, because the blood had the shade and consistency of motor oil. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The English dub of Rodan has narration too, but it’s the main character telling us about his life, setting up the story, creating atmosphere and cluing us in to what’s going on in town. And when your monster looks so awesomely bad, it’s a joy to behold. Which means this stop-motion building debris has had more major film appearances than most Hollywood hopefuls. He steals the paper to try and explain his theory that the Giant Claw is attacking in a pattern. The beak and head is from an Australian white ibis, and the neck of a turkey. Instead you can hear it during the trailer. Here is a little link to the opening title. I'd probably go for something similar to the carnivorous dinosaurs that would later evolve into birds, like Microraptor or Sinornithosaurus: That said, I think the artwork is good and while I'm not fond of the design choice, it's still an interesting idea.

The same thing happens whenever the Claw bites into an airplane. The Giant Claw was not the next Gojira or the next Them! Curfews are enacted and the military steps in to transport supplies to citizens. We even find out that the nations of the world are working together to try and stop the Giant Claw. Giant Claw came out early in the atomic monster wave, and there’s some other evidence that points to it being a genuine attempt at nuclear horror that we’ll talk about later. I doubt we ever will, or if we do they’ll intentionally try to play it all for laughs, but hope springs eternal…. Check out how the planes go from standard to delta wing design when “The Claw” attacks them. Star Jeff Morrow first saw the movie in his hometown, but hearing the audience roar with laughter every time the monster popped up, he left early to go home and drink. Try not to be horrified as this Jim Henson fever dream attacks a squadron of fighter pilots. This is of course due to lackluster special effects, but for some reason, my stupid brain decided to meet the The Giant Claw halfway.

Nine times out of ten it means there was a major fuck-up and the audience couldn’t quite figure out what was going on, or they needed to pad for time.

Nothing that would result in my being shunned by the community or locked up for my own protection, mind you. I love that your version of the Giant Claw improves on the original design, but still stays true to the core concept they were going for. I think the bird started dropping trees on our heroes in retaliation for her shattered eggs? Outsourcing the monster creation didn’t stop them from reusing special effects shots from Harryhausen’s Earth vs. the Flying Saucers though. This review originally appeared in So Bad, It’s Good Movies, Issue #2. Sure, the special effects are laughable, but even Star Trek and Doctor Who had some cringeworthy FX moments.

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