sultan in aladdin 2019

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Tonto | September wurde Billy Magnussen als Prinz Anders, ein potentieller Ehemann für Jasmin und ebenfalls eine neue Figur, bestätigt und am 7. Mickey Mouse | Es besteht die Gefahr eines verfälschten Eindrucks durch dauernde Wiederholungen. Aladdin strolls in the streets of Baghdad for several tasks.

Now he has died in genie world. Hurley | Maximus |

Aramis | Alice im Wunderland (2010) | Hiro Hamada |

(uncredited), Mediterranean Townsfolk / As such, he devotes himself to pairing Jasmine with an upstanding heir so that his family and kingdom will be secure long after his passing. Bevor es offiziell Pläne für diesen Film gab, wurde im Juli 2015 bekannt, dass Disney an einem Realfilm-Prequel zu Aladdin namens Genies arbeitet.

Dumbo (2019) | Aladdin und der König der Diebe (1996), Bube, Dame, König, grAS | Friends/Allies Taran | Cri-Kee |

Max Dennison |

Nala | Huey, Dewey, and Louie | Cliff Secord | Varian | Maurice (2017) |

Aladdin macht ihn darauf aufmerksam, dass er selbst als großer Zauberer immer noch nur die Nummer zwei ist. A month later, everyone in Baghdad is celebrating Aladdin and Yasmine's engagement. Neera | Lulubelle | 102 Dalmatiner (2000) | John Silver | Blade Ranger | In the 2019 live action remake, he is played by Navid Negahban. Kileem (ancestor)Bobolonius (grandfather)Sultana (wife; deceased)Jasmine (daughter)Aladdin (son-in-law)Sharma (niece)Rajah (tiger)Sahara (horse). Zafar, after pretending to fall down and die, kept Faraz's dead body making everyone think it's his dead body. Throughout the TV series, the Sultan played a prominent supporting role, with a few episodes looking at his efforts to form alliances with other nations - including one occasion where he was nearly roped into a marriage to an Amazonian-esque queen, and others looking at his past; one episode saw Aladdin and the gang forced to deal with a plant-based sorcerer named Arbutus whom the Sultan had unintentionally offended by taking a rose from the creature's garden in his youth. Terra (Lingering Will) |

Diaval | Zero (Holes) |
Ting-Ting, Su, and Mei | Eddie Valiant | Jacinda | At last, collect all three parts of Devil's Dagger by which Aladdin kills Mallika and his mother is brought back to human form. He also gives Aladdin the responsibility to catch the Kali Chorni.

Urchin | Mayor of Halloween Town | Granney | Merida | Delighted, the Sultan then decides to have Aladdn and Jasmine wed immediately while also deciding to have Aladdin become the new Sultan once they are married. Chief Bogo | Max Keeble | Victor, Hugo, & Laverne | Bagheera (2016) | Pascal | He's a good man. Family His biggest dream was meeting Princess Yasmine of Baghdad.

Uttamatomakkin | |
Robe | Frank Walker |

Der Film sollte die Vorgeschichte des Dschinnis erzählen und zeigen, wie er in die Lampe kam.

Maurice |

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