role of european union

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The attractiveness of EU membership and the political and economic stability it brings have meant that many countries aspire to join – although they must first pass tough EU membership tests, including on democracy and the rule of law.

Currency One of the starting points for compliance with human rights is adherence to international treaties. Support for free elections is a key component of the overall EU strategy to support democratisation in third countries.

First, the heavy losses suffered by all the European states during the six years of the Second World War made the Europeans realize the futility of narrow nationalism. Single currency, single banking, machinery for joint consultation and action, monetary and political union, common citizenship of the EC, representative institutions like European Parliament and EC Executive Commission, were all designed to make the European Union a United States of Europe—An-European Federation capable of acting as a unit in the international relations.

Other Council meetings that may discuss and decide on human rights issues at the EU level include the meeting of the Council of Ministers on Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs. The constitution was adopted by the European Parliament by a double majority—a minimum of 55 per cent of the EU states representing at least 65 per cent of the EU’s population.
It is the second most commonly held currency in the world, after the U.S. dollar. Against this background, the EU has been a major supporter of the new UN Sustainable Development Goals agreed in 2015 and is committed to their implementation. Content Filtrations 6. (Photo credit: S. Solberg J. and Kolja21). The large difference in asylum procedures between the Member States and the increasing number of asylum seekers and migrants has called for harmonisation of national legislation on asylum and migration issues. In December 2004, the European Council created a post of the Personal Representative of the Secretary-General/High Representative on Human Rights in the area of Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), as a contribution to the coherence and continuity of the EU Human Rights Policy. Russia's Mixed Economy and How Pipeline Politics Holds the EU Hostage, euro's value is compared to the U.S. dollar. Defence issues shall be referred to the Western European Union (WEU). In the last decade, the EU has substantially increased its focus on certain themes in its promotion of human rights. Its 27 member countries are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden.. Not only are NGOs and individuals effective in collecting data and flexible in raising awareness of human rights violations, they also lend the EU programmes legitimacy and research support necessary for the success of its activities.

It also requires the (re)establishment of a broad political consensus on the scope and aims of EU trade and investment policy, something that can only be achieved with the full engagement of Member State governments and stakeholders in an informed debate. The Charter is legally binding (except for those Member States with an opt-out for this provision). Accessed Aug. 4, 2020. The EU’s equality legislation has been backed up by several Community action programmes to combat discrimination, which aimed to improve the understanding of issues related to discrimination, develop the capacity to tackle discrimination effectively and promote the values underlying the fight against discrimination in the EU. The Directive also provides for the establishment in each Member State of an organisation to promote equal treatment (inter alia, through the elaboration of independent reports and recommendations) and provides independent assistance to victims of racial discrimination. The European Commission proposes new legislation.
In fact, in the post-Cold War years, the European Union not only decided to go in for economic integration in a bigger way but also to enlarge its membership by making former socialist states of Eastern Europe its members as well as to go in for a political integration.

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