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Eschewing the now well-worn clichés of the occult rock explosion in favour of a truthful and tempestuous re-imagining of classic 70s proto-metal and turbocharged blues, the two songs on this band’s debut seven-inch single crackle and fizz with nascent energy and the compelling conviction of music made for all the right reasons. To celebrate 2020 being our 25th anniversary year and the release of the 'Rough & Ready, Live & Loud' live album, we've produced this limited edition T shirt featuring the album cover design. It Is The Never and Forever That You Fear 3. Shop Music.

Bruised knuckles, swollen pride 100% Secure Shopping. It’s important to me that someone keeps it going, especially in heavy music. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Shine 11. The Wolf Bites Back 6.

This band is evolving right in front of their fans and personally I couldn't be any happier about it. Colour design on a black shirt, with back print. In The Red by Unearthly Trance, released 01 November 2004 1. “The album is set in a land where people live in walled cities, under heavy surveillance, cut off and in fear of one another,” Starrs explains. With the finest and most unique collection of old school analogue equipment, from tape machines to vintage amps, Candy Bomber provided Lucifer with everything they needed to realize their potent vision. Saruman's Wish 4. Devils whip, it's dragging you down, Your World Will Hate This (Bandcamp Exclusive Bonus Track), Sleep's Holy Mountain (Full Dynamic Range Edition), Sleep are the gods and this album is still way ahead of its time. Yet more confirmation that Uncle Acid exist in their own musical universe, Wasteland is also a powerful cautionary tale: one rooted in the alien landscapes of Starrs’ imagination, but with a very clear connection to the deranged chaos of today’s political world. Rock 'n' Roll Music 2.

KevinFR, The Belgian band explore heavy psych, tribal rhythms, free-jazz freakouts, meditative drone and the vast, shadowy spaces in between. Restless creative spirits never sleep and class is eternal. Forever, ride alone Born Under a Bad Sign Rise Above Records 1- Rock 'n' Roll Music 2- Born Under a Bad Sign

Wall Flags, Stickers, Pins, Posters and more! Malevolent forces are on the prowl. Support your favorite record label! Rock 'n' Roll Music by Giuda, released 01 January 2018 1.

Turning Piss Into Gold 6. No morals, no soul Vinyl, CDs, Cassettes, and Digital Downloads. Cold thunder, cracking stone

Despite the sudden and distinctly premature disintegration of her previous band The Oath in 2014, Johanna’s passion for making music that touches the darkest recesses of the soul has blazed on. Lucifer’s instinctive take on the very soul of early heavy metal is the electrified essence of rock’n’roll at its nascent purest. Made of Rats 5. Some You Win, Some You Lose 9. As humanity cheerfully circles the plughole, Dystopian visions and present-day horrors have become more-or-less interchangeable, making Wasteland’s ghoulish surrealism a lot more pertinent and disturbing in the process. Lucifer represents the culmination of a spontaneous and intuitive creative mind-meld, wherein their leader’s kaleidoscopic focus collides with the heavy soul abandon of earthbound but astrally-inspired musicians at the top of their game. The Fog 8. Tees, Long Sleeves, Hoodies and Hats! The darkness is getting darker.

Barefoot in the Head The Weirding 2009 2LP/CD Rise Above Records - UK Metal Blade Records - USA 1.

DJ equipment. 22 April 2020 Our new video for 'This Silent Place' is being premiered through Metal Injection No time for sympathy

Ouroboros 6. The Devil's Whip 3.

That's right, you can't escape the devil's whip! Full throttle, hidden hand

Broken hearts and broken bones The devil's whip will rule your life forever more! The devil's whip will take a grip and not let go Penta[grams] 2.

A two-lane graveyard he calls home Our third album 'A Driftwood Cross' was released today through Rise Above Records.

While most musicians seem content to chase their own (or other people’s tails), Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats remain proud and resolute individualists and Wasteland is simply their most powerful and memorable spurge of creativity to date.

Studio equipment. Drift 5. “It gives them knowledge to escape the misery of the cities and to reach the freedom of the outer wastelands, but the wasteland, of course, is total hell on earth.

We worked with a great engineer called Geoff Neal (NIN/Motorhead/Fuzz), who really understood what we were going for and how to capture it. After the release of their debut seven-inch via Rise Above Records in February, Lucifer will be edging towards the completion of their full-length debut album, which is expected to emerge later in 2015.

Witchskull badges/pins are available on our Bandcamp site. Rise Above Relics Label music on CD, MP3 and Vinyl available at Juno Records.
The wasteland is beckoning. You can probably feel it already.

Mythical Knives 7.

Iron horse and iron will That's right, you can't escape the devil's whip! Always too bold and idiosyncratic to be easily pigeonholed, they emerged from an obscure corner of the labyrinthine English underground as shadowy purveyors of a new and overwhelmingly psychedelic take on the gruff and gritty rudiments of hard rock and turbo-blues, powered by the dark, lysergic heart of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s and drenched in woozily macabre imagery. A disorientating journey through Starrs’ wonkiest dreams, Wasteland glides majestically from punchy and direct psych-rock anthems like I See Through You and Shockwave City to the viscous, somnambulant ooze of the eight-minute No Return and the twinkly-eyed bad trip of the album’s mesmerising title track. The Rising of the Black Sun 2. Sons of Salem 2. Silent Sleep 4.

The Black Chord 3.

“All their thoughts, knowledge and memories have been wiped clean, leaving them like the living dead, barely functioning and addicted to the glow of flickering propaganda screens.”, “In the underworld, there are program discs for the brain that can replace stolen thoughts and allow people to finally think for themselves,” he continues. I always write to my own tastes, so as long as it appeals to me, I don’t really think about it.

Not one to run and hide

This is Magic Rock – heavy, heartfelt and holistic.

That's right, you can't escape the devil's whip! The brainchild of mercurial Cambridgeshire mystic Kevin Starrs, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats have been making extraordinary music since 2009. Later completed at Starrs’ own studio, the new songs showcase a newly refreshed line-up, with Starrs once again joined by long-time bassist Vaughn Stokes (who will play rhythm guitar at future live shows, handing over bass duties to Jus Smith) and also latest recruit, drummer Jon Rice.

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