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Your system admin must send you a password reset email. You must log in from a computer within a valid domain. If you forget your password, you can click the Forgot your password link on the logon screen if it is available, or contact your system admin.

To use this method, you must have a configured smart card and a computer with a smart card reader.

First call the GetLoginProfileAsync method of the ILoginProfileManager interface with the user's Artifact ID: Then make any updates required to the profile.

The Relativity URL in the invitation email can be defined by the following in the order of precedence: Before sending invitation emails, you can test whether the users can be invited with the VerifyBulkInvitationAsync method.

Your system provides you with: This method requires you to have an account with SAML 2.0 authentication provider, for example, Okta, set up by your Relativity administrator. This page contains the following information: Logging in to Relativity One with a password. Build your own apps and workflows or lean on a partner for help. Your needs evolve fast, and so do we. Your system admin provides you with: This method uses Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services to log in. Note: The Forgot your password? We have partners with expertise in just about every industry. Our documentation has the answer.

Navigate to the Relativity instance using a shortcut in the SAML 2.0 provider interface or a bookmark in your browser.
Next, enter your Password and click Login. With Relativity, your team will never stop learning (and will always look good). Enjoy regular upgrades to the latest tech. In today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, keeping your data secure takes around-the-clock protection that’s tough to maintain.

The two factor password method requires a passcode in addition to the username and password. The profile is the collection of all the methods for that user.

Your system admin provides you with: This method uses Integrated Windows Authentication to log in. To set the password, call the SetPasswordAsync method of the ILoginProfileManager interface passing it the Artifact ID of the user and the password string: The Login Profile Manager service allows you to interact with authentication provider from browser-based and cross-platform applications. This page contains the following information: This method uses only a username and a password. Instead, system admins can send a password reset email, and users create and manage their own passwords. After you enable a password authentication provider for a user, for example, password-only or password two-factor, you must send an invitation email for the user to log in to Relativity and change their password. You can interact with the login profile using the ILoginProfileManager interface. When you work with us, you get a whole community to lean on.
Relativity can help you find it. To log in, navigate to the Relativity site. The returned BulkInvitationResponse object contains any validation errors. There can only be one method instance for each authentication provider. Find your local industry friends – our global community groups make it easy to connect. However, there are some situations, such as for testing or project development, that may require system admins to explicitly and manually set passwords. Click the client certificate button name that your system admin indicated. the RSA tokencode (the eight-digit number from the RSA SecurID token hardware), if you have not been assigned or created a PIN, your combined PIN and RSA tokencode without a space between them, the Relativity OpenID Connect button name. Contact your system administrator. Finally call the SaveLoginProfileAsync method of the ILoginProfileManager interface to complete the update. Security isn’t part of the program – it is the program.

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