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My dad waited at that stage door on Seventh Avenue in back of the Winter Garden Theatre. agent Carrie Mathison on Showtime’s “Homeland.” And if you are a musical-theatre buff, you may think of him as more or less a superstar, one of the most vibrant countertenors to ever grace the Broadway stage. One recent afternoon, I picked up my cell phone to see that I had a missed call and voice mail from an unknown number. Time Enough for Rocking (Stephin Merritt). We went to the top of the Empire State Building. He has been spending the pandemic at his small, converted farmhouse, in upstate New York, with his wife of forty years, the writer and actress Kathryn Grody, but he has lived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan since the nineteen-seventies, and he still maintains a low-enough profile there to shop at Barney Greengrass and Murray’s Sturgeon Shop without causing a stir.

Lately, when Grody accompanies him, she listens to podcasts instead. I’m sitting in the back room, having a conversation with somebody on a couch, all alone, and there’s a piano. Real-time updates and all local stories you want right in the palm of your hand. In April, his son Gideon began broadcasting the idle banter between his parents as they puttered around the house, and two new boomer Internet stars were born. VIDEO: Mandy Patinkin Sings About What Makes a True 'Bullsh*t Artist' on Jordan Roth's THE BIRDS AND THE B.S.

One recent afternoon, I picked up my cell phone to see that I had a missed call and voice mail from an unknown number. Still, Patinkin has to some extent flown under the radar as a show-business figure. Patinkin’s own performances have connected so many times, and with so many different fandoms, over the course of his four-decade career. My dad had, like, three or four records. by Stage Tube - Aug 23, 2018 The Birds and The BS is the kids show for adults! But one of the shows we went to see was “Mame” with Angela Lansbury. Patinkin encouraged donations to Bollier, promising that for 10 Twitter followers who sent proof that they’d donated to her campaign, he’d send back a personalized song dedicated to them. The Racial Politics of Kamala Harris’s Performance Style, Anti-LGBTQ+ Group Says Amy Coney Barrett Could End Marriage Equality, When Self-Driving Cars Don’t Realize They’ve Been In A Car Crash, Teenager suffers burns across face and body after head lice shampoo catches fire, El Paso sees largest number in hospitals due to COVID-19. Aren’t you the guy on that ‘Scrabble’ album?” At the time, I really hadn’t put it together that he was also the guy that wrote “West Side Story” and everything else. “Hey, Rachel, this is Mandy Patinkin calling,” a gruff, lyrical voice, not unlike that of Rowlf the Muppet, said when I pressed play on the message. Gideon had come back from wherever he was, and he was quarantining for a couple of weeks, and we would take walks on the road. Patinkin, who lives in New York, attended the University of Kansas in the early 1970s. Now their family names are on the plaque at Ellis Island. I’m leaving it up to the children. Get the biggest political stories and scoops in your inbox Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. One was Skitch Henderson doing selections from the Broadway musical “Mame” with Angela Lansbury. “Hey, Rachel, this is Mandy Patinkin calling,” a gruff, lyrical voice, not unlike that of Rowlf the Muppet, said when I pressed play on the message. If you are a fan of Barbra Streisand’s directorial work, you may know him as the hirsute love interest Avigdor from 1983’s “Yentl.” If you love television drama, you may know him as the kindly mentor Saul Berenson to Claire Danes’s unpredictable C.I.A. Actor and singer Mandy Patinkin is lending an endorsement — and his voice — to help flip a Senate seat in Kansas. #FlipTheSenate https://t.co/SbX3q0XY5u pic.twitter.com/xJ2iGb3WL8.

Kathryn’s and my first date was April 16, 1978, at the Black Sheep tavern, between Washington and Greenwich in New York, in the Village. Now why do you think your father took you to New York? Has this made you more technologically savvy? So, let’s just start with the quarantine videos.

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