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He logged over 30,000 miles and gave more than 150 performances. Communication wasn’t instantaneous like it is today. Hope's variety shows for the troops included comedy monologs, specialty acts, celebrity appearances, dancers, singers, and skits. In 1944 Bob Hope wrote a book, I Never Left Home, about his work entertaining members of the armed forces during World War II. By the time the first Gulf War broke out in 1991, Hope had been entertaining troops for half a century. tour, 1969. In December of 1948, Bob Hope and other performers traveled to Berlin, Germany, to entertain members of the armed forces participating in the Berlin Airlift. Here, Hope shakes hands with a service member in Southeast Asia in 1969. It happened that way... some of the time. As a USO Grafenwoehr volunteer, Army Staff Sgt. And even though he had 60, 70 years difference between the young men and women who were serving at that time and himself, he tried to be topical and bring the same kind of feeling to the show.”. A Bob Hope U.S.O. Here, Hope is wearing a flight suit and helmet as he shakes hands with Col. Netcher on Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, on December 27, 1957. As the USO celebrates its 75th anniversary, On Patrol asked USO tour veterans—actors, musicians, athletes, authors, cartoonists and even a Muppet or two—why they stepped up to support our military and their families. Look what they're doin' for me. / ... Self - as member of the Ray Charles Singers, Self - 1961 Look All-America Football Team, Self - President of the United States of America, Self - 1972 AP All-American Football Team, Self - General Frank A. Armstrong Why did Hope do it? Among the memorabilia in Hope's archive is this mug made from a shell casing, given to him during the 1969 U.S.O. In this 1942 photo, Hope dons the uniform of a ticket taker in the Presidio of San Francisco Post Theatre to take tickets for his own broadcast show.

He displayed our organization’s most closely-held values and was committed to the USO’s mission of connecting troops to home, bringing a moment of joy during challenging times and of always going where our service members go. Dad heard that this platoon marched all this way and missed the show. Hope lightened the mood in deadly serious situations, and he thrived on the crowd’s response. And the USO is there for every dignified transfer. The USO relies on your support to help service members and their families. That’s why the foundation focuses its financial support on the things Hope cared about, rather than getting his name out.

“It was miserable there. The Bob Hope Show hosted by Bob Hope. Comedian Redd Foxx, singer Lola Falana, and a dozen “American Beauties,” among others, joined Hope on that tour. The troupe performed for service members working on six U.S. ships off the coast of Lebanon. Throughout his 1969 U.S.O. They arrived late and the show was over and this one fellow was saying how disappointed he was. Throughout his professional life, his commitment to entertaining members of the armed forces and raising money for charitable organizations kept him traveling, bringing variety entertainment to millions. “He gave them respect and provided them with joy,” Shields said. established a tradition of sending Bob Hope on tour to entertain members of the armed forces during the Christmas holiday season. Dancer. Then we’d go to the next place. Throughout the 1960s, Bob Hope also traveled overseas many times to visit the troops. Hope reads an 80-foot-long letter (equal in length to the average 18-wheeler) of birthday wishes from GIs in Vietnam at his North Hollywood home, June 15, 1966. Over the next few years, he went on to travel around the world with USO Camps Shows, Inc., bringing a much-needed dose of laughter to U.S. troops serving in Europe, Africa and, the Pacific. Among the stars on the 1972 Pacific tour was singer Fran Jeffries, seen here with Hope onstage at Yokota. As part of the USO Transition 360 Alliance, RP/6 connects service members and their families with resources in their community that can ease their transition. Legal |
This was his first Christmas tour to entertain troops and the beginning of a Hope tradition that lasted until1990. photos of Bob Hope doing what he loved best – entertaining the troops: By 1942, thanks to his radio broadcasts, Bob Hope was already immensely popular with the troops, even before his first overseas trip in 1943. He is the only individual in history to have earned this honor. Linda got a firsthand taste of USO tours when she began producing her father’s television specials, something she did for the last 20 years of his performances. In the early days, Hope's career included appearances on stage in vaudeville shows and Broadway productions. Inspector General | |

Here, Bob Hope performs on stage in 1991 at a celebratory event. Here, Hope performs for service members and their families in Fairbanks, Alaska.

The actress and singer said the years she spent touring with Hope provided some of the most “meaningful” moments of her life. Courtesy of Bob Hope Archives (156b), Bookmark this item: //www.loc.gov/exhibits/bobhope/uso.html#obj156b. “We went to the local parish school,” Linda said. A scant five years after Hope’s last WWII performance, he was back in Asia entertaining American GIs. Hope, twirling his golf club and delivering one-liners, was a huge hit. Then, all of a sudden, the sunlight came out.”. Download our app to find events, locations and programs near you. But he didn’t play favorites. Langford replaced Judy Garland on Hope’s radio show …

Decades after the USO’s creation, Hope is still legendary, thanks to the USO shows he started performing during World War II at a time when international phone calls home were impossible and Internet access wasn’t even a concept. He often insisted on traveling straight to the front lines, even occasionally placing himself in harm’s way, in order to put on a variety show of comedy, singing and dancing. Regardless of where he was going or how high the risks were, Hope was committed to supporting our nation’s military. Bob Hope Collection, Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division, Library of Congress (153), Bookmark this item: //www.loc.gov/exhibits/bobhope/uso.html#obj153. During World War II Hope was sufficiently moved by the sacrifices the U.S. troops made on behalf of the U.S. public that he and his radio troupe traveled nearly every week to perform The Pepsodent Show at a military training site. Here, the pair entertain service members during the holiday season. Service members can walk into participating USO locations, record themselves reading their child’s favorite story and have that recording shipped home. Video games are more than just a game – they’re a way for service members to fight stress, isolation and to bond with their fellow troops. Service members and their families in the Southern California area can stop by one of several Bob Hope USO locations, including Bob Hope USO at LAX where the iconic Theme Building is home to Bob Hope USO at LAX. When the USO was founded in 1941 and Hope began performing, he provided a crucial link to home for military families. Photo credit Bob Hope Legacy LLC. And I’ve discovered that our men are pretty quick with the jokes themselves,” Hope reminisced. You felt like you were renewed,” he said. “The most poignant moment of our trips is always Christmas Eve, when our cast joins with the GIs in singing ‘Silent Night,'” reflected Hope. During December 1987, Bob Hope headed back overseas on yet another USO Holiday Tour.

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