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Honestly, it would be easier to list off the wrestling shows that Larry didn’t review/write about. He could always be relied on to have a review, rating, and two paragraphs on even the most mundane matches. I was thrilled to hear he enjoyed my work. Others have come and gone, fallen out of favor with wrestling or just faded into obscurity but not Larry. Rest in peace, Larry. When I started traveling to shows I’d check certain people if they were coming, Larry always wanted to wait until his daughter was older instead of going solo. Evil, Toru Yano vs. Tetsuya Naito, Juice Robinson vs. Zack Sabre Jr., Yoshi-Hashi vs. Kenta in B-Block matches, FREE PODCAST 10/18 – PWTorch Dailycast – Wrestling Night in America: Darrin Lilly joins Greg to preview Impact Bound for Glory and WWE Hell in a Cell, plus NJPW G1 thoughts, more (104 min), 10/4 STARDOM RAINBOW FIGHT results: Donna Del Mondo vs. Queen’s Quest in an elimination match, Tokyo Cyber Squad members find a new home, VIP AUDIO 10/18 – WKH – Ask the Editor: Is Ricochet really getting buried or is it something else? I wrote him some (in retrospect) shallow words of encouragement after his last tweet about being tired and not getting anything done. We love you and we’ll never forget your enormous contribution to the pro wrestling world. The outpouring of support over the last 24 hours have only validated that sentiment. Rest in peace, Larry. Decades of wrestling had very little physical record, let alone in depth reviews.

I dare you to search for any major or semi-major wrestling show in the last 15-20 years and not be met with a link to one of Larry’s reviews. Thank you, and may your soul rest in peace. He was my first port of call if I needed to check something.

Larry was always the first I would go to since he was usually the first to post his thoughts. Larry was kind and gracious to me as I found my way in pro wrestling coverage. I’ve been reading his reviews and columns for over a decade, and I know I wasn’t the only one who followed some shows solely through his words. RIP. When I started doing Shake Them Ropes and Fightful is when we started interacting a bit more even though he remembered our first interaction.

Reviews written by Larry Csonka. I had messaged him some jokes to keep his spirits up after one of those “cryptic” tweets you sometimes do when you’re in a room alone with your thoughts. There was always a sense of pride I felt whenever he shared a review I had written. As someone who has always struggled with Imposter Syndrome, lacking confidence that my work is good enough for anyone to read, Larry’s reviews of every TNA/Impact show, past or present, were a godsend. The second that a televised wrestling show, pay-per-view, or network special went off the air, chances are you could go to 411Mania and read Larry’s review right away.

“Larry was obviously an icon for his writing, but more importantly, he was an amazing husband and father who had a family that loved him dearly.”. That’s how dedicated the man was. But he did. He reviewed every promotion that mattered, no matter the size of the show, and it helped me greatly whenever I wanted to historically fantasy book a promotion. Considering just how prolific the guy was, it’s remarkable how his work so consistently shone with enthusiasm, and so rarely with vitriol. For years my morning routine would start with me opening up his latest reviews from the night prior and finding out what wrestling needed watching; you could set your watch by his consistency and you could always trust his opinions.

There will never be another Larry Csonka. but most of our conversations focused around wrestling and content. More than that though, Larry was always such a lovely guy to interact with, and a guy who brightened a timeline up with such clear love for his family. Ricardo Gallegos: I didn’t personally know Larry and I highly doubt he knew my name, but he was an inspiration for me. There is not a column I’ve written where I haven’t somehow, in some way, glanced over his work to double check my sources. I’m fairly certain that I never came across a single person with a bad word to say about him, and if you know anything about wrestling spaces online you’ll understand just how rare that is. It didn’t matter what promotion it was, you could always count on Larry to have a review out very quickly. Kelly Harrass: In our little wrestling writing community, it’s hard to find someone as universally loved as Larry was. Please help us serve you better, fill out our survey. I hated it but I respected the hell out of it. He was there with advice, there with support and he helped legitimize this website in its very early days. I talked with Larry quite a bit on Twitter, in direct messages, etc. Thoughts go out to the family he’s leaving behind. I did not know him personally, but I’ve long admired his work. For the last four or so years, I have visited 411mania daily, where I always made sure the first (and often only) thing I read were Larry’s reviews from that day and the day prior. He was truly a good man who was full of positivity and had such a great sense of humor. He was a Top 5 member of the wrestling community and an invaluable resource for two decades of professional wrestling. Larry has already gotten truck loads of praise for the quantity of work he published over his time covering the industry and that aspect of his work is absolutely unmatched, but Larry was also one of the most genuine and approachable people in the pro wrestling space. He was an important pillar of our community and I’m sure his legacy will live on through many conversations, reviews, articles and wrestling memories.

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