international workers' day 2020

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Trans, Gender Diverse and Intersex Advocacy in Action.

Among those most affected are migrant workers, sex workers and any other workers dependent on the informal economy. Learn more: https://www.unfe.org/spiritday/ This year’s celebrations of May 1, International Workers’ Day, in the United States reflected the growing coast-to-coast fightback of workers confronting their bosses’ and the capitalist system’s total disregard for worker health and job safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. May 1 marks International Workers’ Day around the world – a day when unions across the world recognize the contributions of working people and the achievements of our labour movement in fighting for better working conditions and a fairer society. Annette Toth, Vice-President, ICBC unit. International Workers’ Day is a public holiday in many socialist and former communist or socialist countries around the world, including some of the former Soviet republics and Eastern Bloc countries, North Korea, China, and a number of countries in Africa, Asia, and South America. Restricted mobility and increased control enforced by armed forces exposes trans, gender diverse and intersex people to institutional violence, making it more difficult or impossible to access essential medication and procedures (including, for example, HIV medication, gender affirming hormones and essential surgeries). By Betsey Piette posted on May 5, 2020. Check here for the history, theme, Activities and Quiz on International Labour Day No Result

People living with HIV should enjoy integrated care covering #mentalhealth #SDG3. Suite 301 – 4501 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 0E5, Phone: 604-299-0378 Job security. By continuing to use our site you are giving your consent for us to use cookies. They will be holding a 12-hour long broadcast which will begin at midnight Pacific Time on Friday, May 1. https://weareaptn.org/2020/10/15/dignity-amidst-covid-19-trans-youth-leading-the-response-mayas-story/, In 2020, restrictions of movement imposed due to #COVID19 have increased the exposure of #LGBT youth to abuse, isolation & adverse environments. How can you be a good #Intersex Ally? However, most people treat it as just an additional day off and spend the day picnicking with their families and friends. |  Website by, Accessing and Updating Info on the Member Portal, Driving Public: Let’s Fix Public Car Insurance. The COVID-19 pandemic is deeply affecting trans, gender diverse and intersex activists’ ability to work. It is a public holiday; a national celebration of labourers promoted by the international labour movement. Challenges include isolation, limited access to internet, and extended working hours. In other countries, activists have had to mobilize remotely to counteract opportunistic governmental attempts to restrict or eliminate access to human rights (e.g. When is International Workers' Day? https://twitter.com/free_equal/status/1316707140728315904, All young people deserve to thrive. Celebrated on May 1 each year, it is a public holiday in more than 100 countries worldwide. In 1891, International Workers’ Day was officially established at the International Socialist Labor Congress in Brussels, becoming a focal point for demonstrations by communist and socialist groups. Around the globe, each year on May 1st  we are called upon to reflect and to take action on workers’ rights. Hungary, Uganda). International Labour Day 2020: Why we celebrate May Day. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many of the former Soviet republics continued to celebrate May 1 as a public holiday. The fight for workers’ rights continues, particularly as we see many large corporations and employers advancing their bottom lines on the back of workers, who are putting their health and lives on the line to ensure we are healthy and that supply chains for food and other essential goods are maintained. Toll Free Line: 1-800-665-6838 International Workers Day 2020 May 1, 2020 May 1, 2020 COVID-19 , News , Socio-Economic Justice Around the globe, each year on May 1 st we are called upon to reflect and to take action on workers’ rights. This year, as we do our part to keep our communities safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, these events won’t be possible, but we still need to work together to let all workers know they are not alone.

We use cookies on our website to improve your user experience while respecting your privacy. Better wages. It has become a broader occasion to champion a variety of interrelated social justice issues. Many informal workers’ income have effectively been cut off as a result of global lockdown measures, and many have been denied essential living support, such as food and shelter, due to their migrant or sex worker/informal worker status, or gender identity and/or sexual orientation. In response, an unidentified person threw a home-made bomb at the police, killing an officer on the spot and mortally wounding six other policemen. It was marked with large military parades in Red Square, attended by the top government officials. On the evening of May 4, a peaceful rally began at Haymarket Square. This year, COVID-19 makes this call more pressing than ever. International Workers Day 2020 Every year on May 1 st, we commemorate those workers who went on strike, engaged in work stoppages, marched and rallied in demand of an eight-hour working day and working-class emancipation.

Click here to join the broadcast. It should be noted that not all countries where May 1 is a public holiday observe it as International Workers’ Day. International Labour Day is an official public holiday all over the world in various countries. Colombia, Panamá). For example, in the Philippines, it marks the anniversary of a 100,000 person rally in front of the Malacañang Palace that was organized by the Democratic Workers Union of the Philippines in 1903.

However, it was celebrated in September rather than in May.

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