figures of speech in the portrait of a lady

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The Portrait of a Lady 2 of 1056 Chapter 1 Under certain circumstances there are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.

Silently she kissed my forehead, and when I left I cherished the moist imprint as perhaps the last sign of physical contact between us. The grandmother was an old woman with a wrinkled face. This line is from the first chapter The Portrait of a Lady XI English Core book Hornbill. 2.

She would feed the sparrows once a day and this was the only thing that made her happy now. Old, so terribly old that she could not have grown older, and had stayed at the same age for twenty years. Although they shared the same room, this was the turning point of their friendship. noise, confusion and chaos caused by the chirruping of the sparrows. Mention three reasons why the author’s grandmother was disturbed when he started going to the city school. Rebuke - disapproval of something or someone She came to the railway station to leave him off. Her fingers were busy telling the beads of her rosary. His grandmother would accompany him to the school as the temple was attached to the school and she used to visit the temple daily.

I used to go to an English school in a motor bus. She told us that her end was near.

According to the author, she was beautiful but not pretty. She developed a special relationship with them. } When the author decided to go abroad for further studies, he believed it would be the last time he would see her as he would be gone for five long years. His grandmother was short, fat, slightly bent in posture and her face had lots of wrinkles. Mention the odd way in which the author’s grandmother behaved just before she died. Serenity – the state of being peaceful and calm 3. She collected a few women from the neighbourhood, got a drum and started singing with them. She didn’t like that he learned music, so, she stopped talking to him. Also, the explanation is followed by a Summary of the lesson. The Portrait of a Lady is a novel by Henry James, first published as a serial in The Atlantic Monthly and Macmillan's Magazine in 1880–81 and then as a book in 1881. There were no dogs in the streets and she took to feeding sparrows in the courtyard of our city house. My grandmother and I were good friends. But she ignored our protests. She was short, fat and slightly bent. She told us that her end was near. Ans: In the early days, they both shared a good bond. She was very disturbed.

He did not look the sort of person who would have a wife or children. I would be away for five years, and at her age one could never tell. 4. Spinning-wheel  - a household machine with a wheel attached to it for spinning yarn 1. Though they shared the room, there bond grew apart. Later when they moved to the city, she would carry the beads of the rosary with her all the time. Blaze - a very large burning fire By going through the following examples, you too can master the art … 2. Sagging – sinking downwards After five years I came back home and was met by her at the station. She was not sentimental, continuously recited her prayers, her mind lost in the prayers, and she kissed him on the forehead. When his parents got settled in the city, they called them. Notice the following uses of the word “tell” in the text. She would help him with his studies and would teach him prayers by singing in a monotonous tone every morning. They found these stories illogical and disrespectful because it was beyond their imagination to think that grandmother was once a child and played such games. Simile is a word or phrase that compares something to something else, using words ‘like’, or ‘as’, for example ‘Her … He would eat a thick stale chapatti with butter and sugar spread on it. He noticed on the first day of his arrival that only sparrows would make her happy. She was constantly chanting prayers. Second Phase: In this phase, the author and his grandmother shifted to the city as the author’s parents settled well in the city. She used to wake him up and get him ready for school. Rosary- a string of beads for keeping count of number of chants made of a religious prayer The sweeper removed the crumbs the next morning. Undignified- disrespectful

She would get him ready for school, accompany him and would come back with him later in the day. She said that, since only a few hours before the close of the last chapter of her life she had omitted to pray, she was not going to waste any more time talking to us. made no protest; accepted her aloofness calmly. The grandmother was disturbed for the following reason: 1. In the afternoon, she used to feed sparrows in the verandah.


We felt sorry for the birds and my mother fetched some bread for them. She didn’t understand anything as everything was in another language which she could not understand. Wrinkled- having lines or folds He compares her to the winter landscape in the mountains which has a peaceful and calm feel. She accepted the seclusion. Match the meanings to the uses listed above. Did their feelings for each other change? 3. She often told us of the games she used to play as a child. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);

She had a routine of reading the scriptures.

Persuade - to talk someone into doing something, requeste 3. As she didn’t know the language, she could not help him with the lessons. One day, she didn’t recite her prayers but instead collected the women of the neighbourhood, got a drum and started singing. She had silver-colored hair which was not neatly combed and was disorganized. “… she took to feeding sparrows in the courtyard of our city house”. First Phase: The period of his early childhood where he used to live with her in the village. This time the village dogs would meet us at the temple door.

I. As they all reached the station, she held him tightly and kissed his forehead. Ans: The words which also refers to a manner of walking are: shuffle, stride, waddle, swagger, trudge, and slog. She hobbled about the house in spotless white with one hand resting on her waist to balance her stoop and the other telling the beads of her rosary.

var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0], js = d.createElement(s); Ans: The three phases of the author’s relationship with his grandmother before he left the country to study abroad are as follows: 1. When we carried my grandmother’s corpse off, they flew away quietly.

We protested. He presents her as a tender, loving and deeply [?] For some time she continued to wake me up and get me ready for school. Seclusion – the state of being private and away from the people He started going to an English medium school, she no longer accompanied him to his school, and there were no longer stray dogs who roamed around them while walking back home. As the author belongs to Punjab state, they would talk in Punjabi language. Ans: These phrases have been used in the story as follows: 1. js.id = id; In the evening a change came over her. if (!d.getElementById(id)) {

Ans: When the author used to live in the village with her, they both had a good friendship. Shroud – a piece of cloth used to wrap a dead person

1. light-hearted scolding.

1. She still used to feed her sparrows.

It is one of James's most popular long novels and is regarded by critics as one of his finest. Criss- cross - a pattern of intersecting straight lines She would feed sparrows daily in the verandah. She used to walk the author to his school and then visit the temple attached to the school everyday.

He also appeared very old and the author thought that he was someone who could have many grandchildren but not a wife or children. The next morning, she was ill with mild fever. But my grandmother could. Yes, she was beautiful. 2. The word ‘hobble’ means to walk with difficulty because the legs and feet are in bad condition. Given below are four different senses of the word ‘tell’. She seemed so old and she had been the same for the past twenty years.

She would no longer accompany him to the school or could not help him with the lessons. Plastered- covered with a layer of plaster She collected the women from the neighbourhood and started singing homecoming of the warriors with the help of the drum. She was a live example of a pure, white, peace - emitting entity. While the children sat in rows on either side of the verandah singing the alphabet or the prayer in a chorus, my grandmother sat inside reading the scriptures. The family lifted her from the bed, laid her on the ground and wrapped her with a red- coloured cloth.

As the days passed, he grew older and soon went to the university.

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