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Doctor Britt Baker DMD Reflects On A Year Of AEW Dynamite And COVID’s Effect On The Company’s Momentum, The 2020 WWE Draft Report Part 2: Monday Night Raw, Wednesday Night’s Alright: Never Break The Chain, Wednesday Night’s Alright: Family Stories, WWE And AEW Have Been Left Scrambling To Book Shows Amid COVID-19 Outbreaks, A Brutal Women’s Title Match Stole The Show On NXT UK This Week. Some of their best moments occurred while feuding with Shane Douglas. Rob Van Dam was a freak of nature: in one moment he could gorilla-press you, in another, he’s scraping the ceiling of the ECW arena with a mesmerizing splash variation. Criteria for ranking is based on character, popularity (i.e. However, he also ended up one short of the Triple Crown in ECW as well. In ECW’s twilight, Lynn stepped up and became one of top hands in the promotion’s narrative, and if you were to make a list of the top five in-ring performers in ECW, Lynn would certainly be in that discussion. Guido also had a great run as a part of the F.B.I., winning the tag titles on two separate occasions. Sporting flawless moonsaults — which he routinely performed from various parts of the arena — Crazy and rival Tajiri had a terrific series of matches that helped redefine ECW’s in-ring content when a bevy of superstars left the promotion. Between his stints in WCW and then WWE, Steve Austin — dubbed the “Superstar” — made a stop in ECW and cut one of the best promos that’s ever been recorded (see above). One thing that you can never say about ECW is that they squandered their international talent. The only thing that possibly holds Chris Jericho back from being in the discussion for one of the best wrestlers of all-time is his size, but even when he was in ECW, it was evident that the Canadian native had boatloads of talent. He started his career in ECW as the tag team known as The Pitbulls, which had both men just called Pitbull #1 and Pitbull #2. After his ECW career ended, he was the longest-reigning champion in ECW history, with 874 combined days as the world champion on four reigns. Although his time in the promotion was limited, Austin made each appearance a much-hyped affair, and he cut his teeth on the “Stone Cold” character that would make him an international phenomenon.

With The Impact Players faction, he and Lance Storm were the focal point of ECW’s narrative, feuding with Tommy Dreamer, Raven, and The Sandman. This does not count the WWE version of ECW. Stevie never reached the heights of his ECW run in other promotions, mostly due to the fact that his neck was broken in a match with Terry Funk, but there’s no taking away from his charisma and impact in the land of extreme.
Not only is he the greatest attraction that Paul Heyman ever featured in his programming, Sabu is one of the most fascinating characters to ever don wrestling boots, and he’s truly deserving of the number one spot.

His matches with Rob Van Dam are some of the best bouts in ECW’s history, with both men putting together highly impressive sequences and maneuvers. The man-beast was the last reigning champ of the organization. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Possibly the best in-ring talent that ECW ever saw, Benoit was fearless and fearsome, and his ability to dish out violence was a beautiful spectacle. Malenko ended his career in WWE and never had a chance there to compete for anything over the Light Heavyweight Title. Remember how we discussed that New Jack was a different kind of “over?” Well, The Sandman was even more over. In WCW, Dean Malenko was one title away from becoming a Triple Crown winner, holding the United States and Tag Team Titles. It made him one of the biggest stars in the world of professional wrestling.

While 2 Cold Scorpion was one win away from becoming the first-ever ECW World Champion, he never won that title in his career.
In WWE, it includes any set of the tag team titles, either of the world titles, and either of the mid-card titles. ECW started the night that Shane Douglas won the NWA World Championship Tournament and threw the title down, declaring himself the new ECW World Champion. Douglas wasn’t just good on the mic, though… he was damn fine at just about every aspect of the business. Two of them were prominent champions, and one was a complete surprise. If you look at the history of ECW, you’ll see that many of its finest moments involved Douglas; from the battles with Taz, to the Triple Threat faction’s influence on all of the titles, Douglas was there.

A man who was part of one of the most iconic moments in professional history is often forgotten and left as a footnote. Never one to trade holds with his opponent, Jack preferred to smash his enemies with computer keyboards, chairs, and shovels. There was an animal magnetism about Bigelow that made him both feared and revered, and his place will forever be cemented as one of the best “big men” that ever competed. Guerrera was brought into ECW during the mid-’90s, when Konnan helped Paul Heyman deliver an influx of Mexican talent that included Rey Mysterio and Psicosis. In 1998, Credible became one of the best heels in the company, and in the following years he stepped up to the plate when a mass of talent left for WCW and WWE. D-Von and Bubba Ray caused riots when they took the mic, and their in-ring work was always excellent.

When you talk about the best wrestlers in the game, you usually focus on the all-around performer — someone who can talk, perform in the ring, and draw people in with their character. Diamond was a classic heel — smarmy, arrogant, slick, and willing to use devious tactics and outside interference to get the win. A four-time ECW TV champ, Scorpio put on high-flying clinics against Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, and other masters of the mat. However, before he went to WWE, Tajiri was a star in Japan and then in ECW. Similar to 911, “Prime Time” was a monster of a man who gave very little in the way of selling, but ECW was always short on big guys — Brian Lee filled a very important spot. RELATED: 10 ECW Wrestlers Who Competed In The Most PPV Main Events. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Raven wasn’t flashy like Sabu, nor did he espouse braggadocios like Shane Douglas — rather, he spoke in poetic riddles, and he was able to make everything he did mean something. While 2 Cold Scorpion was one win away from becoming the first-ever ECW World Champion, he never won that title in his career. 6 Bam Bam Bigelow Anderson liked zeroing in on his opponent’s body parts, and used a diverse move set to pick apart his foe. What’s also amazing about Sabu is the ease in which he could sway the audience into loving him or hating him (especially during his WWE-affiliated program) without ever spilling a sentence. Van Damn had amazing matches with a variety of opponents like Sabu, Lance Storm, and Jerry Lynn, and no matter who he was facing, RVD put 100 percent of his talent into the contest.

(For instance, Rey Mysterio Jr. would have ranked higher had he stayed with ECW longer and had more great matches.)

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