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Now, he takes World Cafe through his list of collaborators at the … I don’t like formality in anything, and especially not in my f—ing music. The video for “Put a Flower In Your Pocket” really adds to the song. February 2019 Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved.

We were down in Muscle Shoals and I was driving around in the rental car bumping it. We asked three Cleveland music figures to reflect on Schwartz’s influence, humanity and musicianship. September 2018 Dan Auerbach on Junior Kimbrough’s influence T he Black Keys were a blues band to start and, like most, they found their way through standards. “It’s my friends and we were doing this anyway—but now this thing that we were always doing has an identity. Black Keys singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach walks us through the key influences that informed his new solo LP, 'Waiting on a Song.' August 2018 I’m militant about the loose approach, if that makes any sense. “This Arcs thing has taken on a life of its own,” Auerbach tells EW by phone as the band rehearses in New York City for their upcoming fall tour. Dan Auerbach, The Black Keys. March 2020 Leon owns Truth and Soul Records—he’s a record man. July 2018 I love the story. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Case in point is the title track, a surprise in sound and refreshing in the blend of old and new. [laughs] Something about it I loved and then I started to see stories in my head. October 2020 Auerbach’s crew includes veterans like drummer Homer Steinweiss, whose beats you know from recent records by St. Vincent and Bruno Mars, and Flor De Toloache, an all-female mariachi band from New York. June 2018 May 2020 December 2017 To submit music, please mail a copy of your CD to the following address. Black Keys singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach walks us through the key influences that informed his new solo LP, 'Waiting on a Song.' Those things can happen. December 2018 That loose approach is everything to me. Black Keys singer/guitarist shouts out Del McCoury, John Prine and other legends that inspired his new solo LP, Black Keys singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach walks us through the key influences that informed his new solo LP, 'Waiting on a Song.'. It was that whole thing.

June 2020 Now we’ve started this relationship with Omar and the artwork is kind of melting into the music and vice versa. August 2017, ©2020 The Alternate Root All Rights Reserved, The Alternate Root - Discover Roots & Americana Music, On his work with The Black Keys, Dan Auerbach cited influences from the Blues, referencing both his father’s vinyl record collection and a college education that put aside classes for time spent soaking up the music of Junior Kimbrough. I love the Grateful Dead—that was the first show I ever went to in my life, my dad took me to see the Grateful Dead. What influence did boxing have on the Yours, Dreamily? It’s so handmade. [laughs] Rocky’s a cool dude. Next week the singer-guitarist releases Yours, Dreamily, the debut album from his latest project The Arcs. Sign up for our newsletter. The inspiration for Rosie was there, standing front row. In This Article: Dan Auerbach continues this tradition with his new solo album Waiting On A Song (Easy Eye Sound Records). When we had to take Brothers on tour, we needed a couple extra musicians.

Dan Auerbach has found success in the duo The Black Keys and as a solo star. Jerry Lee Lewis Announces 85th Birthday Livestream With Elton John, Bill Clinton, More, Steve Vai on Getting to Know the Real Eddie Van Halen, Record Store Day 2020: 18 Great Exclusive Releases From the September Drop. How did that loose approach reinvigorate your creative process?

Auerbach caught up with EW about how mariachi music and boxing influenced Yours, Dreamily (streaming below via NPR), his love of the Grateful Dead, and his brief cameo on this year’s A$AP Rocky record. “I’ve also got a whole rack next to it that’s connected on a separate switcher that’s all linked …

I have nothing but like the utmost confidence in them. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. September 2020 It’s worth taking some time to listen to these influences and see for yourself how he’s implemented their techniques in his own playing. You’ve mentioned the Grateful Dead’s influence on this record. Send us a tip using our anonymous form.

The result is his excellent LP Waiting on a Song, which he recently discussed on the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast. But these guys that I get to play with, they’re my favorite musicians. Dan Auerbach explains how mariachi music, boxing, and the Grateful Dead influenced The Arcs' debut. We went to East L.A., to Omar’s hood, and played the first Arcs show three weeks ago. Leon Michels, a seasoned producer and instrumentalist who’s worked with artists ranging from Aloe Blacc and Dr. John to Jay Z and Ludacris, co-produced Yours, Dreamily with Auerbach. That’s how we met, but before I met him he was an influence on me. 30 essential albums from the last 30 years, Dan Auerbach’s the Arcs debut violent animated music video, Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach details The Arcs’ debut, Danny McBride takes on The Black Keys — read this week’s cover story. On top of that, when we were going to release our first song, the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight was coming up. It’s an absolute joy to go into the studio and create with these guys.

Were there any other artists that influenced the record? Get exclusive details about fall’s buzziest albums in Entertainment Weekly Issue #1379, on stands Aug. 27. Last year, Dan Auerbach turned down a lucrative tour with the Black Keys: “I was going crazy playing the same songs every night.” Instead, he hunkered down in his Nashville studio to work with some of the city’s session greats. All the songs are new, from the last year. Whatever feels right is what ends up sticking on the track. •Dan Auerbach’s the Arcs debut violent animated music video, •Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach details The Arcs’ debut Yours, Dreamily, •Danny McBride takes on The Black Keys — read this week’s cover story. To me there’s something interesting happening. The OG Grateful Dead at Richfield Coliseum [in Richfield, Ohio]. October 2019 Growing up my dad always played Grateful Dead albums. But we didn’t officially give it a name until earlier this year when we decided we should finally start sharing some of this music with people. He never tried to animate his artwork before. We started adding them up and we had like 70 songs. August 2019 It’s funny how just things that you’re into can influence the other parts of your life. From rocking garages to filling arenas, Dan Auerbach’s gear has always been odd and eccentric. In recent years, he recorded with Dan Auerbach and jammed with Joe Walsh, his James Gang replacement, at Coachella in 2016. March 2018 April 2018 Here’s a guide to the album’s biggest influences. November 2018 About seven months ago Leon and I got together and for the hell of it we wanted to get on the computer and see how many songs we had, because we always just get together, stock them away on the hard drive, and forget about them.

That was the moment when we said to ourselves, “What are we doing? He had a boxer that he drew and the boxer had a bandage and was missing a hand.

It was just so weird, it was like the artwork was coming to life and then The Arcs were coming to life at the same time. September 2019

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