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Yes, she wanted to spend time together, but I’m sure it was also motivated by a desire to show me that supportive spaces dedicated to the academic and social advancement of women existed. Biden Campaign Manager Confirms What We All Knew About These 2020 Polls, The Post Just Nailed the Liberal Media's Pathetic Excuse for Protecting Joe Biden to the Wall, Twitter Censors Top Coronavirus Task Force Adviser, Mexican restaurant in Iowa: “No Love, No Tacos”, Early Voting Numbers in Key States Are Surprising and Good News, CCPA - Do not sell my personal information, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Morphs Into Emma Lazarus.
Ad Choices, Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Granddaughter: ‘You Know Her as the Notorious RBG, but She’s Bubbie to Me’. Follow him on Parler and Twitter at @BillMarshallDC1. To me this perfectly encapsulates Bubbie’s approach to her role on the Supreme Court: She doesn’t write to promote her profile or to advance her interests; she writes to “get (and hold) the court,” meaning, to respond to her colleagues’ concerns. All rights reserved. In her interview, Spera said. … So what does history say about this situation, where a president is in his last year in office, his party controls the Senate, and the branches are not in conflict? It sounds so beautiful.

In this particular moment in our country’s history, we are seeing one of the most significant attacks on access to reproductive care.

See clueless young white liberal girls screaming like lunatics at law enforcement officers in rants about black lives mattering, while hurling Molotov cocktails and assorted projectiles. Illicit Info is not in the business of breaking news, rather we comment on news that other sources have broken and/or reported on first. (The New York Times) Asked if the Senate had an obligation to assess Judge Garland’s qualifications, her answer was immediate. A Biden presidency would fulfill Justice Ginsburg’s wish to expand access to abortion for low-income women — those “we don’t want to have too many of” — as Ginsburg said, because Biden has already promised that he will overturn the Hyde Amendment.
Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue had sponsored a skills-based immigration bill (Horrors!) With All Due Respect, It's NOT Settled and We DO Deserve to Know, NYT issues a MAJOR correction to its mega-viral white woman in Central Park story, Debate Moderators Duck Biden’s Gun Ban Plan, Whoa. pic.twitter.com/u1jm36EEbC, — FoxNewsSunday (@FoxNewsSunday) October 7, 2018. Once again, historical practice and tradition provides a clear and definitive answer: In the absence of divided government, election-year nominees get confirmed.

(The views expressed are the author’s alone, and not necessarily those of Judicial Watch. Is Mass Immigration Killing Two-Party Democracy in the U.S.? It’s equally strange and touching for me to see a young woman, probably my age, ask Bubbie if she can give her a hug. That is what Republicans did in 2016. Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House. Like her granddaughter, Justice Ginsburg had a strong commitment to expanding access to abortion for low-income women.

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