best american kickboxers of all time

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A Stanley Cup champion. This accolade reflects his greatness in the boxing arena. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Former boxer Julio Cesar Chavez had a boxing era from 1980 to 2005 and has a record that speaks for itself. But the Kings probably played him too much in his 20s -- he had seasons of 72, 72, 69, 68 and 68 games -- which might shorten his career. I just laugh of when any of this website post some all time great boxers, mostly american fighters!! Career NHL stats: 666 games, .904 save percentage, 2.89 goals-against average. Joe Calzaghe has been criminally underrated by much of the world; one need only look at his record to see what an outstanding fighter he really was. reply | flag * message 9: by Hieveryoneilovebookstoo (new) Dec 03, 2011 02:10PM. After being utterly dominant in the welterweight division he was still successful at middleweight level, becoming the first boxer to win a division title five times. You can put them in whatever order you like.

This would made him a ton of money but for the fact that he was surrounded with a coaching staff that allowed him to go out partying rather than training then he was set up and framed for rape this made it so that no one would ever care enough to restore Mikes work ethics and put him back on top as the most dominant fighter. He has a boxing era from 1931 to 1945 and he had 150 wins out which 100 were KO and he lost 21  matches.

Hi David, We are going to update this list soon based on our audiences’ opinions and our analysis. Of his 139 wins, a staggering 99 were by knockout and he was only beaten four times, losing the World Flyweight Title in his last ever fight. We’ll let you know then! Accept Read More, Boxing - The greatest ever - Mohamed Ali - Bubble-free stickers, Top 10 best MMA fighters of all time | MMA | Fights Hu, All what you need to know about the Japanese Shootboxing, Top 10 K1 fighters of all time | Kickboxing | Fightshub, WKN Intercontinental Welterweight Oriental Championship, 2009, and 2010 K-1 World MAX World Championship Tournament Championship. As a Muay Thai fan first and foremost, I am partial towards the Thai fighters. He is “The Lion” of kickboxing, we can say he is the best in the middleweight division, as he has beaten most of the fighters in this division. His first loss came against the German Max Schmeling. 19 prospect 2018 boxing fights will make this year memorable. I am a young sports writer with a particular passion for soccer. Legendary boxer Jack Johnson was the first American heavyweight champion before Roy Jones and Mohammad Ali.
[…], […] Ali Last updated Apr 8, 2018 0 3 Share After I published my 1st blog post of the top 10 kickboxers, using mathematical criteria to choose the fighters. He has a record of 107 wins and 80 knockouts and lost 6 matches. Because he is just another Boxer, He is not a great boxer, and than the Money man Took him to School, Cmon wheres the people's champ Manny Pacquiao only 8 division world champion fighter of the decade most lineal titles won oldest welterweight champion at 40 never fucks anybody. What a joke where’s manny? Badr Hari. And 27 wins out of those came from straight knockouts.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It is rare for Roberto Duran to miss out on lists of this ilk; he was named the fifth greatest fighter of the last 80 years by The Ring and the eighth greatest boxer of all time by Bert Sugar. Joe Gans was the first African-American boxing world champion and is regarded by many as the greatest lightweight boxer of all time.
Samart and Sangtiennoi are the best Thai boxers of all time. […] Top 10 kickboxers of all time […], […] Many K-1 fighters have participated or even became champions in Shootboxing, including Albert Kraus, Buakaw, Andy Souwer, and Nieky Holzken.

He became heavyweight champion of the world in 1937, and beat Schmeling two years after their first meeting in the 'Fight of the Decade'. Manny Pacquiao. Definitely, he has very unique style, however his K1 record is just 37 wins out of 47 bouts, while Badr Hari has 92 KO, Buakaw has a close to 200 wins! surely will never be forgotten! Learn how your comment data is processed. 7 is too low for Chelios. But amongst the greatest? And, thanks for visiting our blog. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. I started covering the NHL in 1989, and whenever I talked to kids getting drafted back then, they'd all mention Roenick as the guy they wanted to play like.

Record: 238 – 24 – 12 Wins by KO: 72 Weight Class: Featherweight, Lightweight, Welterweight Nationality: Thai. He is the greatest boxer of all time. This was our list of the top 10 Greatest Boxers of all time.

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