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Boakes and her team aim to attract 200 exhibitors and around 20,000 visitors to the Excel debut. Electrostatic voltmeters are based on the principle that when two conductors are at different potentials they attract one another with a force which varies as the square of the potential difference (P. D.) between them. We suggested that they plant attractant plants with the vegetables in order to attract beneficial insects.

The climate, scenery and good fishing attract summer visitors.

In many cases the slimy masses of spermatia (Uredineae), conidia (Claviceps), basidiospores (Phallus, Coprinus), &c., emit more or less powerful odours, which attract flies or other insects, and it has been shown that bees carry the flagrant oidia of Sclerotinia to the stigma of Vaccinium and infect it, and that flies carry away the foetid spores of Phallus, just as pollen is dispersed by such insects. round the prow of one boat is the smoke from a flare lit to attract the fish.

You do not have to have a full portfolio to attract a modeling agency. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'basicenglishspeaking_com-box-2','ezslot_0',140,'0','0']));attract (v): (of people, things, places, etc.)

His first portrait to attract attention, from its fine quality, was that of George Macdonald, the poet and novelist, now the property of the university of Aberdeen. There, guided by the hairs or ridges before-mentioned, it is led to the orifice of the spur with its store of honeyed juice. Of the epic poets of the Silver Age P. Papinius Statius (c. 45-96) shows the greatest technical skill and the richest pictorial fancy in the execution of detail; but his epics have no true inspiring motive, and, although the recitation of the Thebaid could attract and charm an audience in the days of Juvenal, it really belongs to the class of poems so unsparingly condemned both by him and Martial. His spies were naturally doubtful characters, because the profession does not attract honest men; morality of methods can no more be expected from counterplotters than from plotters; and the prevalence of political or religious assassination made counterplot a necessity in the interests of the state. Besides this the atom is endowed with potential force, that is to say, that any two atoms attract or repel each other with a force depending on their distance apart. , Just last week, a new marketing plan was put in place to attract customers that haven’t used our product in the past. The flowers show well-marked adaptation to Their colour and tendency to arrangement on one the presence of honey, serve to attract insects. National governments such as that of India, and within them, states such as Kerala, are desperate to attract multinationals.

attract the right investment for your business. It used to attract true Bohemians, now it attracts tired London media types. But Pilate so conducted affairs as to attract the attention not only of Josephus but also of Philo, who represents for us the Jewish community of Alexandria. Examples of Attract in a sentence. The earliest of his writings of which we have any record is an Exhortatory Discourse to the hermits of his district, written at their own request and for their spiritual edification.

In the 17th century the islands began to attract the attention of missionaries. Cat Attract litter is blended with a natural attractant made from herbs. Try to attract the attention of others who can alert the fire brigade.

The climate and the scenery in and about Biddeford attract summer visitors and there are two resorts, Biddeford Pool and Fortune Rocks within the municipal limits; but the city is chiefly a manufacturing centre (third in rank among the cities of the state in 1905) - good water-power being furnished by the river - and cotton goods, foundry and machine shop products and lumber are the principal products, the first being by far the most important. The males flutter in sunny forest clearings to attract females. azalea bushes flower spectacularly each spring and attract visitors from both far and wide. These traps will only attract slugs from a nearby area. Gardeners choose plants that attract bees and other pollinators to their garden to insure there is enough of an insect population to adequately pollinate their plants. The Association also works with its members to attract the top talent into the industry. The westward advance of the invaders would have continued, if only there had remained to attract them lands as desirable as those they had already won.

You can harvest the seeds and use them in bird feeders throughout the winter to attract cardinals, blue jays and other beautiful birds to the garden. In the 13th century the Pisans tried to attract a population to the spot, but it was not till the 14th that Leghorn became a rival of Porto Pisano at the mouth of the Arno, which it was destined ultimately to supplant. In this case, the ERT will flash a light and operate a sounder to attract your attention. time-tested ways to attract traffic to their Web site. Closing his eyes, he bowed a la francaise, without taking leave, and trying to attract as little attention as possible, he left the room. The ability to attract more high-quality students to the field of child neurology is critical.

This company, it is said, helped to attract the brokers back to the spinners, and an informal understanding was arrived at that the buying broker should not figure both as agent and principal in the same transaction. Louise became maid of honour to Anne of Austria, and Richelieu sought to attract the attention of Louis XIII. exchange of ideas should also attract some enthusiasts. At an open spot next to the lek Otte tried to attract bronzy jacamar by playing back his call. 2. These attract a variety of birds and is one of the most reliable sites for Cinderella waxbill in the area. Though goldfinches may occasionally be observed in the coldest weather, incomparably the largest number leave Britain in autumn, returning in spring, and resorting to gardens and orchards to breed, when the lively song of the cock, and the bright yellow wings of both sexes, quickly attract notice.

Like the Integer House, Osborne House is expected to attract tens of thousands of visitors. Nevertheless, the tracing of phylogeny, or direct lines of descent, suddenly began to attract far more interest than the naming and description of species. The system of notation (by figures) concerning which he read a paper before the Academie des Sciences, August 22, 1742, was ingenious, but practically worse than useless, and failed to attract attention, though the paper was published in 1 743 under the title of Dissertation sur la musique moderne. 30 people chose this as the best definition of attract: To cause to draw near or... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. The sweet smell of the flower nectar can attract bees from many miles away. Salomon Reinach, guided by the analogy of similar practices among the aborigines of Australia, and noticing that these primitive pictures represent none but animals that formed the staple food of the age and place, and that they are usually found in the deepest and darkest recesses of the caves where they could only be drawn and seen by torchlight, has argued that they were not intended for artistic gratification (a late motive in human art), but were magical representations destined to influence and perhaps attract the hunter's quarry. Some hunters also carry scent vials to attract game and draw them closer for a better shot. All magnets whatever (M) attract iron (P).

The bear does not attract much popular interest in Japan. For the greatest chance of success, learn which types of plants attract butterflies.

Usually companies use an extremely low APR to attract new customers, especially those interested in making balance transfers. Peter of Pisa and Alcuin of York were his advisers, and under their care the opposition long supposed to exist between godliness and secular learning speedily disappeared. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. of; allure. If an ant is squashed clean the spot well as the corpse will release pheromones which will attract others. Even better is clumps or sections of a single type of flower because each kind of butterfly is attracted to a different type of plant nectar, so multiple flowers of one type or more likely to attract. From what I've read online the Red Deer also seems to attract pickled egg lovers. She was supposed to attract Gabriel, until I was brought back, and then she was to be turned over to Darkyn as his mate.

You attract the opposite sex. Just like romantic relationships, many opposite-sex friendships may start when opposites attract. While these flowers are only lightly scented or even unscented, the bright colors are enough to attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees to your garden. catnip spray may help to attract your cat to the other side of the cat flap.

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