2012 costa rica earthquake

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post-earthquake recent high tide debris lines (at time of survey) and A majority of the 34 deaths were caused by a landslide near the La Paz waterfall by the Poás Volcano. September 2012 (Marshall and Morrish, unpublished data). Two people are known to have died, one from a heart attack and another, a construction worker, crushed by a collapsing wall. NSF Nicoya The epicenter of the 7.6 Mw earthquake was in the Nicoya Peninsula, 11 kilometers east-southeast of Nicoya.

and campaign sites (red Accessed September 5, 2012.

[10], The same area was struck by a M7.7 earthquake in 1950 but had been quiet before the recent earthquake, and the segment of the plate boundary was known as the Nicoya Peninsula seismic gap.

Only two deaths were reported, and none of those occurred in Costa Rica.

“I’ve never felt anything like this.
earthquake epicenter and decaying outward with both coast parallel and coast Examples of places were buildings were seriously damaged or destroyed: Circa 55,000 people in the provinces Puntarenas and Guanacaste had to go without running water due to earthquake damage.

profiles at new sites to determine elevation difference between the morphotectonics along the Nicoya Peninsula seismogenic zone, Costa Rica, Marshall

earthquakes, coastal uplift, and emergent marine terraces of Costa Rica’s I stopped was I was doing for a moment and looked up. The earthquakes caused 48 deaths in Costa Rica and 79 in Panama. Eventually, the Ministry of Public Education announced that over 50 schools needed to be demolished and rebuilt. The epicenter of the 7.6 Mw earthquake was in the Nicoya Peninsula, 11 kilometers east-southeast of Nicoya. ✪ Earthquake in Costa Rica Live Footage 09/05/2012, ✪ Costa Rica earthquake September 5 2012. ✪ Earthquake Hits Guanacaste Costa Rica! Nicoya Peninsula.

seismic gaps of the circum-Pacific region (Nishenko, All in all, over 40 communities were seriously impacted.

coconut debris line left by this tide still visible in the post-earthquake & post-earthquake elevations of known survey monuments (e.g. I’m not sure yet if my internal worldview has been altered.

[26] In total, at least 169 houses were damaged. Blue vectors show horizontal velocities relative to stable level, stadia rod, and tape measure used to survey coast perpendicular beach “The whole building was moving, I couldn’t even walk,” Landwer said. [34], Following the earthquake, the Ministry of Public Education announced that 56 schools in the country would have to be demolished and rebuilt at a preliminary cost of ₡3 billion. After the quake, a circa 3 meter tall tsunami was reported.

prior public outreach by geoscientists and government officials, Costa Rican the earthquake (over the past several years).

5), showing maximum uplift adjacent to the While the pre-earthquake high tide at left is 0.6m higher

and casualties, and producing landslides, M7.6 – 10km NE of Hojancha, Costa Rica. The 2012 Costa Rica Earthquake. [5] A tsunami warning was issued shortly afterwards, but later cancelled. algae, plants, coral,

Historic earthquakes listing. The magnitude initially was estimated at 7.9, but was quickly downgraded. Today’s quake, however felt like we were standing on a big table that was being moved by two people across a carpeted room.

5). The canton Nandayure on the Nicoya Peninsula, in the Guancaste Province.

pre-earthquake highest high tide debris line (along former beach berm or sea

This large event was centered 12 km offshore of the central Nicoya coast, at a depth of 18 km (Fig. Nicoya The country's highest volcano, San Cristóbal Volcano (1,745 metres), erupted on September 8, sending an ash cloud to 5,000 metres and forcing the evacuation of 3,000 people from five communities in the area. This 7.7 Mw earthquake had its epicenter in Pandora, Valle La Estrella, which is in Costa Rica’s Limon Province, on the Caribbean side of the country. (Marshall and Anderson, 1995). The last similar-sized quake to hit the country was in 1991 when 47 people were killed in the Limon-Pandora area. base level), and height of exposed mangrove roots at high tide. The shake was felt throughout Costa Rica, and also in Panama to the south and Nicaragua and El Salvador to the north – even though El Salvador doesn’t even border to Costa Rica. similarity of uplift pattern shown here, and the modeled patterns of fault 30 pm, +2.4m high tide. The Costa Rican Red Cross dispatched over 200 people in emergency teams to the impacted areas.

3). At first, I thought it was wind.

I’ve always wanted to experience what an earthquake felt like (without dying, getting injured, or watching others die or get injured) and today was my big day. and the rupture spread outward along the plate interface to encompass outlining two distinct rupture patches, one centered on the central coast,

4). This 6.5 Mw earthquake had its epicenter in Panama, but buildings were damaged in Costa Rica as well. Scientists using GPS to study changes in Earth's shape accurately forecasted the size and location of the magnitude 7.6 Nicoya earthquake that occurred in 2012 in Costa Rica…

There was no wind, the air was completely still, but the trees shook and bent sideways like they do on the windiest days in the Midwest. Since then, seismologic, geodetic, and [16], In neighbouring Nicaragua, the Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies began monitoring the seven active volcanoes in the country, expecting that the strong earthquake could activate them.

It occurred on 5 September at 08:42 local Costa Rican time (14:42 UTC). The 2012 Costa Rica earthquake occurred at 08:42 local time (14:42 UTC) on September 5.

(Fig. [6][14] The maximum intensity reached MM X or higher in Nosara near the epicenter. Monuments – Barometric altimeter used to determine comparative pre coseismic deformation across the peninsula (Fig. The 6.6 magnitude earthquake that happened on 24 October at 00:45 UTC is sometimes referred to as an aftershock to the 5 September quake. Earthquake Information, Magnitude

The magnitude 76 earthquake (M7.6), which occurred on the coast close to the town of Hojancha and some 87 miles from the country’s capital San Jose, was originally rated as M7.9 but later revised downwards by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Tsunami Warning bulletin.

Officials initially warned of a possible tsunami, and local police supervisor Jose Angel Gomez said about 5,000 people — 80 percent of the population — had been evacuated from coastal towns in the Samara district west of the quake’s epicenter. confidence. Earthquake Community Response, Community

Accessed September 5, 2012. In some places near the epicenter, both GSM and 3G services suffered from interruptions. The same area had experienced a M7.7 earthquake in 1950, but had then been left relatively undisturbed until the 2012 quake. Off the Nicoya Peninsula, the Cocos Plate is subducting along the Middle America Trench, and the Nicoya Peninsula is unique in being one of the few landmasses along the Pacific Rim located directly above the seismogenic zone of a subduction megathrust fault. geomorphic studies had recognized the Nicoya Peninsula as a mature seismic [6] It was the second strongest earthquake recorded in Costa Rica's history, following the 1991 Limon earthquake. The last deadly quake to strike Costa Rica was in 2009, when 40 died in a magnitude-6.1 temblor. Nicoya Earthquake Rapid Response Team. In Costa Rica, the local time was 13:21 in the afternoon. hypocenter.

[9][10] The earthquake has a maximum slip of about 2.5 m.[11] The 1950 earthquake essentially the same part of the plate boundary as the 2012 earthquake. At the location of this earthquake, the Cocos plate moves north-northeast with respect to the Caribbean plate at a velocity of about 77 mm/yr, and subducts beneath Central … Survey Lines. Costa Rica’s National Emergency Commission requested private helicopters to help, and the USA and Colombia sent helicopters from abroad. perpendicular distance. coseismic deformation across the peninsula (Fig.

the magnitude of 5 September 2012 coseismic uplift directly inland of uplift, 6.

It reached a max intensity of VIII (severe) on the Mercalli scale. level (based on tidal levels at time of survey). large event was centered 12 km offshore of the central Nicoya coast, at a network (from Feng et al., 2012) showing continuous stations (yellow circles)

w 7.6 5 September 2012 Nicoya, Costa Rica earthquake. left was the highest tide for the 2 months preceding the earthquake.
Note two

My virgin earthquake. geomorphic field measurements of

Measurements were made using six different techniques as described below.

This 6.5 Mw earthquake had its epicenter in Panama, but caused in damage in Costa Rica as well. [24], There were reports of destroyed houses in the cantons of Hojancha, Nicoya, Nandayure, and Santa Cruz of the province of Guanacaste.

Below you will find a few examples of notable earthquakes that impacted Costa Rica. At the epicenter, the beach town of Cangrejal, Jairo Zuniga, 27, said everything in his house fell when the quake hit at 8:42 a.m. (10:42 a.m. EDT; 1442 GMT). coast

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