1969 triumph bonneville specs

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Great in the city. 775 mm (30.5 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting. An air-cooled parallel-twin as only a Bonneville can be, the 865cc unit employs modern fuel injection technology for clean running and excellent economy, with that sound and feel that only a Triumph delivers. Maximum torque is a substantial 60Nm (44ft-lbf), delivered at just 3500rpm. Each motorcycle features two-tone Meriden and Caspian Blue paint, a numbered handlebar clamp plaque and a certificate of authenticity. A legend. The braking set*up of single front 310mm disc and 255mm rear, both worked on by powerful twin*piston calipers offers sensitivity and control. The Bonneville is an uncomplicated – and very real – motorcycle that blends the old and new. The extra option of the black engine finish and Jet Black paint of the Bonneville Black adds a subtle alternative. $6,950. An evolution. Named after Triumph's world speed record breaking exploits in the 1950s. Chassis: The exhaust features twin 'peashooter' silencers and secondary air-injection to keep emissions to a minimum. Its engine produces ninety percent of peak torque – a very healthy 60Nm – at 3,500rpm and maintains this figure through to the redline, providing smooth acceleration in any of the five gears. SE adds that little bit more: matching tacho and speedo, polished engine covers and traditional chrome tank badge. Poor. Equipped with a 360 degree crankshaft to reproduce the classic engine beat of a British twin (where both pistons rise and fall together), there's plenty of power (61bhp at 7400rpm) and a remarkable 90 per cent of peak torque (60Nm) from 2750rpm all the way to the redline. A legend was born the day the Triumph Bonneville was named to commemorate a Triumph breaking the motorcycle speed record on the famous Bonneville Salt Flats. 1969 Triumph T120R BONNEVILLE 650 (US) Values Special Notes. Short fenders front and rear, upswept megaphone pipes and cast alloy wheels give the Bonneville SE a retro '70s look, but thumb the starter and you've got a thoroughly modern interpretation of the classic British twin at your disposal. A thoroughly modern interpretation of the authentic 'proper' motorcycle. Twin Leading Shoe. The merry men at Meriden found a few more horses hiding in the venerable vertical twin yet again. The sheer simplicity of the Bonneville form, matched to Triumph's modern engineering integrity has introduced a whole new generation to the charms of one of motorcycling's most enduring icons. A pair of classically styled peashooter silencers handle the exhaust gases and enhance the retro feel of the bike. The name Triumph and the model names Bonneville, T100, Thruxton, Scrambler, America and Speedmaster are trademarked names of Triumph Designs Ltd. and are used for model reference only. All riders from those with little experience to those with lots appreciate the Bonneville's excellent open road manners and also its agility in jammed city streets. There's even a compact and discreet frame-mounted oil-cooler to keep the running consistent for maximum reliability. There's nothing clever about that – but then maybe that's the point. Other features of the Bonneville 50th Anniversary include a unique seat with white piping and a gold Triumph logo, special Bonneville 50th Anniversary logos on the side panels and a chromed cam cover. 1969 Triumph Bonneville T120R, I've owned this bike for over 10 years but never got a chance to ride it as much as it deserves. With a low centre of gravity and low 775mm (30.5in) seat height, the Bonneville feels light and manoeuvrable. The T120 was a huge hit for Triumph, especially in the USA and remained successful until production eventually ceased in 1983. Three paint options Aluminium Silver, Goodwood Green and Jet Black are available. From the outset, Triumph's intention with the Bonneville was to produce a machine that combined the old model's timeless appeal with modern technology. The 86mm bore size gives good breathing in conjunction with the four-valves-per-cylinder layout, while the 68mm stroke allows a long conrod that helps to minimise secondary vibration. A cool way to cover the urban landscape; the Bonneville is agile in jammed streets and at home blatting down a leafy country lane. Take a Bonneville. With the latest Triumph Bonneville you're riding over 50 years of engineering excellence. Over 50 years of engineering excellence.

Cleaner running than a carburettor engine, the fuel injected engine is also easier to fire up from a cold start and runs more smoothly when cold. The tubular steel double cradle frame and box-section swingarm are immensely strong and the steering geometry (rake and trail is set at 28°/110mm) provides composure at speed as well as ensuring the Bonnie needs only light input at the handlebars.
Although the basic layout of the tubular steel cradle frame is simple, the design was realised using sophisticated finite element analysis to ensure maximum strength with minimum weight. For 2007 the Bonneville has an increased engine size of 865cc. The Bonneville's understated, single-tone paint schemes of Jet Black or Cardinal Red (polished engine only) adds an underscore of class to its classic lines.

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. It's an easy to manage motorcycle, thanks to a low seat height of 775mm (30.5 inches) and similarly low centre of gravity. The Triumph Bonneville T120 is a motorcycle originally made by Triumph Engineering from 1959 to 1975. The tubular steel double cradle frame and box-section swingarm are immensely strong and the steering geometry (rake and trail are 29° and 117mm respectively) provides composure at speed as well as ensuring the Bonnie needs only light input at the handlebars. The Bonneville delivers a pure and unadulterated experience for riders of all ages. Two-tone paint scheme - The balancers were tuned to ensure that the solidly-mounted Bonneville motor has much of the feel of a traditional 360-degree Triumph twin, and is not over-smooth. 90% of peak torque is maintained from around 2500rpm through to redline providing smooth, effortless acceleration throughout the five gears. With disc brakes front and rear, and a 19in front and 17in rear wheel fitted with modern profile tyres, stopping and road-holding are way beyond what the traditional looks might suggest.

Camshaft drive is by chain between the cylinders and incorporates an idler gear that allows the cylinder head to be kept very compact. Only 600 units of this commemorative edition of the 1960 Bonneville will be built, 100 of which will come to North America. Polished aluminium engine covers and chromed tank badges give the Bonneville SE that premium look while the addition of a tachometer lets the rider match perfectly the engine speed to gear selection. Our sixty8 range, which includes hand crafted laptop bags, iPod holders and a series of unique custom*painted tank covers, are all useful and stylish additions. Both pistons rise and fall together – via a 360° crankshaft firing interval – so the classic feel and character of a British twin-cylinder engine is retained.
Good. The Bonneville's air-cooled, parallel twin cylinder engine offers a cubic capacity of 865cc for excellent midrange torque. The result is pure Bonneville with a real retro sporty look, just more of it. Good design and quality engineering never go out of fashion.

Twin pea-shooter exhausts, two-tone paint and that Triumph embossed seat say 'classic British motorcycle' but while the T100 may look like its come straight out of 'the day', the technology and ride experience most definitely do not. * Motorcycles for Sale. For 2004 a new, crisp black engine finish adds a subtle counterpoint to the existing handsome, polished aluminium option. All of which makes the Bonneville as relevant today as it's always been. A matching speedo and tacho set, polished alloy engine covers on the blacked out engine and a raised metal Triumph tank badge are added to the Bonneville's distinctive styling. Sure*footed at speed, yet easy*steering and manoeuvrable around town, the low centre of gravity and minimal 775mm (30.5in) seat height allow the rider to get the best from the light yet substantial tubular steel double cradle frame and box*section swing*arm. Amal concentric carburettor, 30 mm. The engine produces ninety percent of peak torque a very healthy 60Nm at 3,500rpm and maintains this figure through to the redline, providing smooth acceleration in any of the five gears. The Bonneville is an easy-to-manage motorcycle, thanks to a low seat height of 775mm – 30.5-inches – and similarly low centre of gravity. We are confident that the new Bonneville will appeal right across the motorcycling spectrum.

There's even a twin colour paint scheme available to go with that classic twin sound. The Bonneville's low seat height (751mm/29.5inches) and equally low centre of gravity, make it a manageable motorcycle that all riders – ranging from those with little experience to those with lots – can appreciate. It seemed like the Triumph Bonneville was getting faster every year, and good thing too, with new arrivals from Japan like the 1969 Honda 750/Four & the Kawasaki 500 triple.

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