1961 sanfl grand final

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In round 19, the Demons as they were then known, scratched out an unconvincing 24 point win over Glenelg, and few people expected them to challenge seriously for the flag. In 1955, he himself played with West Adelaide, making this his second game with the South Australian National Football League (SANFL). Managed to see a couple of the Sturt flags from in front of the Vic Richardson gates. Key contributors to Westies' late surge in this quarter were rover Frank Hogan, who ended the match with 4 goals, ruckman Brian De Broughe, who kicked 5, centre man John Ryan, whose use of the ball was impeccable, and of course Kerley. 1973 was the ultimate in grand finals. He was born on 20th of February in 1934 in Barmera, South Australia. Meanwhile Norwood still had to play Port to make the Grand Finals. It went Norwood's way, off the boot of Bob Kite, and once more there was les than a straight kick between the two sides. Some finals in the 1990s are a bit sketchy … I didn’t pay a lot of attention because Port Adelaide were so dominant. Neil’s father had served in the Australian Imperial Force and fought in the Second World War. The whole package of being woken up at sparrows and catching the first bus into town with your dad was so exciting for a young boy.

Nevertheless, on balance, give n the strength of the breeze, it had clearly been West Adelaide's quarter. Even had the old centre diamond. However, he wasn’t able to lead them to victory. He had many noteworthy cohorts, including 1957 Magarey Medallist Ron Benton, tenacious and talented wingman Ken Eustice, who would win the Medal in 1962, resolute centre half back back Jeff Bray, steely defender Jeff Bennetts, and the flamboyantly skilled and fleet-footed indigenous footballer Bert Johnson. FINAL SCORE: West Adelaide 16.13 (109); Norwood 11.7 (73) Early in the 2nd quarter West centre half back Jeff Bray was injured and had to be replaced by 20th man Peter Phipps. Westies replied through Ron Bent on, only for Norwood to hit back almost immediately courtesy of John Vickers. 1961 SANFL Grand Final: West vs Norwood. In stark contrast, West Adelaide, which was being coached for the first time this year by Neil Kerley, played an open, vibrant, attacking brand of football in which handball featured prominently (by the standards of the era, at any rate ). Almost correct. While he was based there, a friend invited him to attend a Norwood game. Neil Kerley is one of the six children born to Laurie and Lillian Kerley. The highest crowd ever assembled for an SANFL Grand Final was recorded on this day. AFL News

In his first season as a playing coach for West Adelaide, Neil led the team to the Grand Finals, where they played at the Adelaide Oval against Port Adelaide. Neil Kerley has spent a lifetime with ups and downs. I wasn't even born when those premierships were played, but 1990 stands out as one the most memoriable. Triple Brownlow Medallist Dick Reynolds Coach of West Torrens for 3 years. Dellar undertook these prototype tagging duties impeccably, and without Kerley's impact the Blood 'n Tars were effectively hamstrung. 66,897 people witnessed the game, a number of them seated on the ground outside the boundary line. With West centreman Johnny Ryan on top of Lester Ross, and Kerley in everything virtually all over the ground, the red and blacks slowly began to seize the initiative. Neil succeeded himin the same year and led the club to its first premiership win since 1947. When Kerley stepped in, he started recruiting strong players and came up with a game plan that led West Adelaide to defeat Sturt in the Grand Finals of 1983. He led this team to the premiership and won the league’s Mail Medal. Till date, the 1983 premiership that West won with Neil Kerley as their coach is the only one the team boast about till date. Jack Oatey was the West coach prior to 1961. I have decided to take a walk down memory lane and recall 40 years of great SANFL Grand Finals. Included in that six match winning run were convincing victories over both of the top two teams: in round 14, the Eagles had defeated West 16.12 (108) to 12. Kerley was persuaded to start a serious career in the South Australian National Football League (SANFL) and also helped findSouth Gambier another coach to replace him.

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