Achieving a high search engine ranking is a hard challenge, but if you use the right techniques, you can easily website rank on Google Search be on the first page for your keywords. For a long time, Google has been the world’s favorite search engine. Everyone wants to be in the top position at Google to get more targeted visitors.

Moreover, nowadays most people have their own websites, it’s no surprise that many are figuring out how to improve their Google rankings. While this can be a little complicated because Google frequently changes its methods and formulas for determining its rankings. It’s actually not as difficult as you think.

However, everyone wants to know how to improve Google rankings fast, so here are ten simple steps that will improve your site on Google and help you to boost your website’s rankings.

Ten Simple Steps – Improve Your Website Rank on Google Search

1- Schema Markup

Schema markup is also known as microdata. Once it is added to a webpage, schema markup creates a desirable description known as a rich snippet, which seems in search results. The rich snippets enhance your web pages more prominently in SERPs. This improves visibility and increases the growth click-through rate.

Schema Used for:

  • Events
  • Reviews
  • Recipes
  • Product
  • Videos and many more.

2- Website Page speed

Ensure that your website can be easily read and loaded on a mobile device. Google is not going to keep listing your website if your website isn’t mobile-friendly. If you are selling the products on your website, ask your website host about installing a secure HTTPS with an SSL certificate and. Google ranks secure websites higher in its rankings. And also, generate a sitemap so that Google can easily view and index your website.

3- Keywords: Key to Success of Your Website

Find those keywords that are relevant to the topic that you choose to promote your services and products from your website. You have to research those keywords which are good to search through the Google search box. But not many sites are there that surely deal with that keyword.

Furthermore, if you can search or scan those websites that are showing for that keyword on the first page of the Google search. You probably find that there is not enough content that throws light on the keyword. Here you could exploit, through making inroads.

4- Good Website Structure

It’s important for a good SEO (Search engine optimization) that your website is arranged. And your audience can easily find what they want on your page. If you want to high website rank on google search so it’s important to have a good website structure.

Keep your layout simple and have easy navigation. Ensure that your website doesn’t take too long to open. If your website doesn’t open fast, people will lose patience and leave.

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 5- Informative Content Rich Websites

  • Start writing unique and eye-catching content that is highly useful and informative to the visitors who are clicking into your website. Moreover, keep your website updated by writing more content, twice a week.
  • Google loves content that is new, trendy and unique, not stale ones. Even churning in articles that most websites have done it over and over again. So, the regular visitors lose interest and haven’t learned anything by heart and leave that website.
  • Furthermore, the loss of quality visitors will mean less revenue earning for Google. That is why Google is hungry for new and unique content from relevant websites, catering to a particular market segment or group.

6- Importance of Backlinks

Links are another important SEO service. It plays an important role in the ranking of your website. You need backlinks too if you want to generate more visitors on your website. As per the PageRank algorithm, backlinks are very important for those websites who want to climb the high pole of the Google search result page.

More backlinks, websites increase more visitors and give a better website ranking on Google search. Even more, quality backlinks are counted. In other words, if a highly established website has a link in one of its pages that points to your website. Then as per google, your website has the merits to occupy the first page slots for given search keywords.

7- Stop Plagiarism or copying Content from other Websites

Plagiarism is illegal and is an offense for violation of copyright and intellectual property laws. Google does not consider websites that flourish on duplicate content. So make sure that your website has unique content that is written in the original. And no other website has the same content material word to word and sentence after sentence.

8- Use Social Media

If you want to improve your website rank on Google search then don’t ignore social media. Social media is registered with Google and also with the other search engines. So, when people view and share your content on social media it increases the value of your website. Intelligence is that, use those social media platforms that your audience uses and share relevant content regularly.

9- Satisfy Google’s Hunger from Fresh Content

Ensure that you have a huge range of different types of content to get your website ranked by Google. Articles, images, and Posts are all content and search engines like Google reward. You also have to look at Google’s point of view too.

So, publish rich in relevant informative and fresh content on a daily basis based on your target keywords which you want to foothold. Always keep in mind that quality over quantity.

10- Content must be least 600 words

Ensure that your article is a minimum, 600 words on every webpage of your website. Also, your keywords need to be put within the first 250 words. Since Google crawler scans only the first 250 words and on that basis, it checks the relevancy of the webpage for the search result.

Final Thought

I hope this article and the information that you were provided here will help you get started for a successful career in internet marketing. Using SEO ranking tools or techniques you can easily make your website rank on Google search. By this, you can improve the ranking of your website in the Google search engine.