You should realize that being thoughtful and intentional about digital marketing can easily increase your audience and recognition, which can in return move your organization forward. Implementing digital marketing is really important as it helps build brands and spreads the word about their important work. Here are some ways to use content, social media, and email to increase your reach.  

Tips for your Content Marketing

You start writing a blog or you create other authentic content, such as resources or infographics, so you can be recognized as an expert and the place where people should go to get information about your specific cause.

To achieve this target, you must keep your content fresh and relevant. This does not mean that you write a new blog every day, you want to create a balance between quality and quantity but you should create a regular and predictable schedule and should always stick to it to have an editorial calendar is important. During times when there is less work you can always prepare for future posts, so you have content ready when the busy season comes and you will automatically be prepared to handle it.

Writing evergreen content which will stay relevant even after being public for quite some time is always a smart strategy. Dodging mentions of specific times when it is possible, such as the use of “yesterday” or “this week” means that your blog posts have a longer lifespan and will stay relevant after some time. 

Social Media Marketing

A great deal of your social media reach is now highly dependent on how much your organization is willing to spend to boost up posts or to pay for ads. But still, there are several ways you can create a consistent voice and meaningful presence with a limited budget.

You should make sure that you adjust your approach to each platform. Facebook lack of word count means you can tell as much as you want about your story in your posts, while in twitter it is limited so you have to be careful of the words you choose so that people click through to your website. Hashtags are also helpful for participating in timely and suitable topics.

It is useful to take time to learn which hashtags are used by your peers and which hashtags are trending at the moment so that they help you get seen by more people. You should respond to questions and comments which are on your organization’s posts and you should also join relevant groups on Facebook and LinkedIn where you can contribute by sharing your knowledge. 

Digital Marketing and Email Marketing 

The first thing which you need to ensure is that your email template is branded, mobile responsive and is displayed accurately on different clients, browsers and smart devices. You should also think about ease of use for your team because the simpler your template is to work with the less time consuming it will be to create it and send it.

It is pivotal that you take time to map out your email process and determine the right people to write, edit and send. This will help you with pre-scheduled communications such as newsletters and with more immediate and time-sensitive alerts. When your team is properly aware of the roles, expectations, and deadlines then you will be able to create and send email more efficiently. 


It is essential that you do not consider digital marketing as something separate from the rest of your work but instead consider it as a program that supports everything you do. The way you tell your organization’s story and share your success is an important piece of the puzzle. These instructions can help get you started and set up a proper digital marketing strategy which will be extremely helpful for your nonprofit organization.