This current pandemic of Covid-19 is causing serious economic impacts. With this never imagined situation everyone is confined to isolation and now survival has never been this difficult for religious organizations. But the one thing we have in modern society is the Internet, with the availability of the internet and increased connectivity has assisted several organizations to continue their spiritual digital marketing activities.

It is extremely important that Islamic Centers are able to connect with their customers and users, you need to connect with your customers so that you can fulfill their needs and requirements.

Rawdah is assisting Islamic Centers to connect them with their communities so that the bond between the Islamic Center and its community does not get weak during this current Covid-19 pandemic. 

Rawdah assists you with many things here are some of the most important features of Rawdah and how its team can help your organization during this current pandemic of Covid-19.

Digital Marketing Reconnect You With Your Community 

It is essential that your online presence is strong and reaches out to the community you are targeting. It is important that you build an everlasting online presence that helps you to engage with your community and let them know that you are always there when they need you.

With the help of Rawdah’s digital marketing team, we can handle all your social media platforms efficiently and devise a digital marketing campaign for your organization which will help you connect with your community during Covid-19 and even long after it’s over.

Building an online presence is necessary if you want to survive during this modern internet age. The online presence will help you understand what your community expects from you and you can work according to that and be extremely successful.


Assisting You in Fundraising

assist donation

Our Fundraising campaigns assist you by improving your communication ways with your community and your target audience. It allows you to share information between the general public and the major donors who can take part in your fundraising, this means that you can show more, share more, and moreover can create a more interesting image of the cause your charity is working towards.

This also helps you in fundraising by crafting such an interesting image of the cause you are working for that it attracts people towards it. The best digital marketing service.

Providers make sure that their service reaches each and every single one of your expected target audience so that they can increase the numbers of your donors and the people who reach out to you in quick time.

Rawdah gives you access to blogs, articles, and guides on marketing which helps your Islamic Center navigate and find a way to thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic. No Muslim will be deprived of religious knowledge and freedom once all Islamic Centers use Rawdah’s Digital Solution Services to Digitalize and build a strong online presence.

Engaging With Your Community Through Social Media

Interactions between your community and you have been stopped for some time now because of Covid-19 and this can have a serious effect on your organization and your business if you do not have active social media channels. A great marketing agency can help you with the assistance of social media experts who know how to improve your social media channels and to run them accordingly so that you can continue engaging with your community or users with ease. 

Digital agencies help you maintain your social media channels such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. With weekly postings and updates of new features, you can easily engage with your community. They can view your social media channels and look out for updates or news related to your organization.

This can help you by keeping in touch with your community and answering any questions they might have. With the help of these social media campaigns, you can ask them questions or notify them about any online session you are planning so that they can participate and feel better.

Improving the Online Presence of Islamic Centers

Islamic Centers are an important part of a community where several Muslims visit on a daily basis for prayers, sermons, lectures, social services, and several other activities. But with the current situation of Covid-19 Islamic Centers activities have been brought to a halt. People are unable to visit the Islamic Centers due to isolation. This is concerning as people are unable to visit the Islamic Centers a gradual decline in donations has been observed which are not a good sign for sustaining an Islamic Center.

Rawdah manages your masjid management and Islamic Center connect with your community by improving the online presence of your Islamic Center. With the expertise of our marketing team, we can easily devise a plan which can work best in your interest.

We can easily assist you in improving your Islamic Centers’ social media channels and cater to you a perfect platform where you can conduct online seminars, lectures, and many other activities that keep your community connected with your Islamic Center.

When your online presence will improve then automatically the number of donors for your Islamic Center will also increase and you can continue with the normal functionalities which help in sustaining your Islamic Center for a long time.


If you are facing difficulty in reaching your target audience and are having problems in answering issues faced by your users then Rawdah is the one-stop solution for all these problems with the help of Rawdah masjid management and its digital marketing team, you can improve your online presence and social media channels and connect with your community with ease during this current pandemic of Covid-19.


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